Equipment, Materials, References & Services

Used in Water Quality Monitoring.

Forestry Suppliers Inc., P.O. Box 8397, Jackson, MS, 39284-8397 (Ph: 1-800-647-5368)

Oaktron pHtestr 2, Item #76072

Oaktron pHtestr 2 Calibration Kit, Item #76457

Oaktron TDSTestr 20 (Conductivity), Item #76457
(This item tests for Total Dissolved Solids)

Oaktron TDSTestr 20 Calibration solution:
1413 (1 pint) Item #76115 & 12,800 (1 pint), Item #76116
(The Testrs require batteries)

CHEMetrics Inc., Rt. 28, Calverton, VA, 22016 (Ph: 1-800-356-3072)

Ammonia MiniKits 0.2-2 ppm range, Item #K-1507

Ammonia refill 0.2-2 range, Item #R-1501

Nitrate MiniKits 0.1-1 ppm range, Item #K-6907

Nitrate refill 0.1-1 ppm range, Item #R-6902

Nitrite MiniKit, Item #K-7008

Nitrite refill, Item #R-7002

Phosphate MiniKits, Item #K-8508

Phosphate refill, Item #R-8510

Dissolved Oxygen MiniKit, Item #K-7508

Dissoleved Oxygen refill, Item #R-7512
(The Kits and Refills each handle 20 samples. The Kits contain the standards.)

Forestry Suppliers Inc., P.O. Box 8397, Jackson, MS, 39284-8397 (Ph: 1-800-647-5368)

LaMotte Armoured Thermometer (°C), Item #77141
(Great protected thermometer!!!)

Aquatic Nets,economy model, Item #53757
(About 30 cm in diameter)

Keson open reel fiberglass tapes (metric), 15 m, Item #40106

Disposable thin-walled, .005" latex gloves (med/lg), Item#77084
(Necessary for handling chemicals or polluted water)

"Rite in Rain" Copier Paper No.8511 (8.5" x 11", Item #492447, 2.5 lbs.)
(Resistant to water permiation, pencil & most inks resist smudging from moisture)

City Mill-Kaimuki, 3086 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, HI, 96816

Ice chest 24-quart, Sku No.241-047
(Used to hold supplies & keeps solutions at constant temperature)

Mop, poly sponge, Sku No. 613-206
(Sponge is removed and plastic 1 liter bottle is attached to serve as a water sampler)

Blue ice, sportsman, Sku No. 241-542
(Keeps organisms stored in cooler from overheating in the sun)

Dust goggles, Sku No.154-820
(Safety item used when handling chemicals)

Bar of Soap and Water Bag
(Water bag is hung so that water can be drained from it to wash hands)

Long's Drugs-Manoa, 2750 Woodlawn Dr., Honolulu, HI (Ph: 808-988-2161)

Disposable flash-type camera, Kodak
(Useful for taking pictures of the field site without fear of ruining an expensive camera)

Disposable underwater camera
(Do not have to worry about getting the camera wet)

Fromex Photo Center, Windward Mall #C-004, Kaneohe, HI, 96744

Disc Maker, 627 South St., Suite #101A, Honolulu, HI, 96813

These companies will transfer 35mm photographic print film to Photo-CD
The CD is compatible with Mac & Windows computers

University of Hawaii Press, Journals Department, 2840 Kolowalu St., Honolulu, HI, 96822
Pacific Science, a quarterly journal devoted to the biological & physical sciences of the pacific region.
Volume 49, Number 4, October 1995, ©1995 University of Hawaii Press
(This volume is based on articles covering scientific studies of the Ala Wai Canal)

William B. Stapp, 2050 Delaware Ave., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48103
Field Manual for Water Quality Monitoring , an environmental education program for schools.
Mark K. Mitchell & William B. Stapp, 9th Edition, 1995 Thomas-Shore Inc.

Ensys Environmental Products, 4222 Emperor Blvd., Durham, NC, 27703
EnviroQuant Photometer (Ensys Inc.) Cat.# 6000005
(Used for assaying for cyclodienes such as termiticides)
Omnicron, 375 Pheasant Run, Newton Industrial Commons, Newton, PA, 18940
Cyclodiene, 100 tube rapid assay, #A00216
(Used with Photometer)

to Hawaii's Watersheds

To get more information about water quality monitoring contact: Dr. Speitel

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