Tomorrow: Assessment

Exactly how bad is the water at Nawiliwili? It depends on who you talk to. What we need is a scientific assessment to determine a baseline of data about the ahupua'a of Nawiliwili Bay. It's coming. In this section we talk about the purpose of assessing Nawiliwili Bay.
Photo by David Boynton
In 1998, the DOH (Department of Health) identified Nawiliwili Bay, its coastal waters, and the three watersheds of Nawiliwili, Pu'ali, and Hule'ia, as Category I: Watersheds in Need of Restoration. This qualified Nawiliwili for federal funding, which allowed a group from the University of Hawai'i to be contracted to conduct this detailed assessment.
Photo by David Boynton
The purpose of a detailed assessment of Nawiliwili is the development and implementation of watershed restoration strategies. Since the assessment is in the beginning stages, the form of any restoration strategy is still a key concern. In the next and final section, we look at the possible forms the restoration of the ahupua'a of Nawiliwili Bay may take.
Created June 2001