'Ainakumuwai : Ahupua'a of Nawiliwili Bay is a sabbatical project funded by the Department of Education, State of Hawai'i. It was made possible with the help and encouragement of many people.


P.M.Cockett: research, photography, web design and construction
Dr.Tom Speitel: professor of directed research
David Boynton: principal photographer for 'Ainakumuwai
Ho'okipa Network: graphics and development consultant
Randy Wichman: research advisor
Chris Cook: research advisor
Hobey Goodale: historical guide
Cheryl Lovell-Obatake: historical guide
Carlos Andrade: advisor on Hawaiian culture
Don Heacock : advisor on 'ainakumuwai
Sheilah N. Miyake: advisor on planning and cosmetic consultant
Carol Wilcox: research advisor
RDK Herman: design and teacher's guide
Anne E. O'Malley: design consultant and transcription
George Held: proofreading
Chuck Wilson: web design and technical consultation
Roger Jacobs: technical consultant

Assistance and Contributions:
Mahalo nui to

Mary Requilman, Kaua'i Historical Society
Ken Ka‘imi Stokes and Puanani Rogers at the Ho‘okipa Network
Casey Riemer, Jack Harter Helicopters
Mike Kido, Hawai'i Stream Research Center
Carol Silva
Hawai'i Division of Aquatic Resources
Hawai'i State Archives
University of Hawai'i Press
James Juvik
William Mull
Dan Petr
Family of Agatin T. Abbot
Brenda, Air Survey Hawai'i
John Schlegel
Margaret Lovett, Kaua'i Museum

Special Thanks:

Lorrin Gill, for showing me how it all fit together
David Boynton, for his generosity and surf reports
Chris Cook, for knowing everything I needed to know
Randy Wichman, for sharing his passion and mana'o about Kaua'i history
Sheilah Miyake, for her encouragement and support
George "Keoki" Held, for teaching me how to write good

Created June 2001