Today: Sugar Blues

It has been a slow decline for sugar plantations. In 1974, Grove Farm terminated its agricultural operations, leased its cane lands to Lihu'e Plantation, and concentrated on developing its land holdings. Lihu'e Plantation closed in the 21st century, and has just been bought by Grove Farm. Today, we can look back at the effect of the plantations on the ahupua'a of Nawiliwili Bay. Today the era dominated by sugar is giving way to new problems, and new possibilities.


Today, Nawiliwili Bay has been designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Water Quality Limited Segment. This means that Nawiliwili Bay streams' flow, type and quality of pollutants, and violation of water quality standards make it one of the most polluted bays in the state.
Photo by David Boynton, pilot Casey Riemer of Jack Harter helicopters

How did this happen? It is not only because of plantation land and water resource management. It is also a result of rapidly increasing population growth and urban development along Nawiliwili Stream, and development in the coastal regions of Nawiliwili Bay.

Photo by David Boynton - pilot Casey Riemer of Jack Harter helicopters
It is a result of not having the head connected to the tail, the mauka to makai, of understanding that an action in one zone of the ahupua'a causes effects in the other zones.
In the next section we will fly over the ahupua'a of Nawiliwili Bay. Who controls the management of this land today?
Created July 2001