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Sugar Blues by P.M. Cockett
Map from Kauai General Plan Update website
'Ainakumuwai by P.M.Cockett
Today: Sugar Blues
For Sale by P.M.Cockett
Nawiliwili Bay and Lihu'e by David Boynton
Today: Land
Map from Kauai General Plan Update
William Hyde Rice at Nawiliwili from Cheryl Lovell-Obatake, private collection
Transportation: Airport from Air Survey Hawai'i, courtesy of Brenda.
Resort: Hotel by Randy Wichman
All other Aerial photographs by David Boynton, Casey Reiner of Jack Harter Helicopters, pilot.
Alekoko sunset by David Boynton
Today: 'Ainakumuwai
Turbid water by P.M. Cockett
Waterfalls along the Hule'ia by David Boynton
pH photo by P.M.Cockett
Headlines from John Schlegel
Two Wainiha photographs by Mike Kido
Nawiliwili, Papalinahoa, and Pu'ali streams by P.M.Cockett
Alekoko Fish Pond by David Boynton
Student photos by P.M.Cockett
Don Heacock by David Boynton

Don Heacock, "Hawaiian Stream Ecosystems: 140 years of change, present conditions, and the future of stream conservation and restoration" Proceeding of the 76th Conference, Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies July 1996

Planning Department, County of Kauai, "Kaua'i General Plan" April 2000

M.K. Smith and M. Pai, "The Ahupua'a Concept: Learning coastal resource management from ancient Hawaiians" NAGA (ICLARM Quarterly), April 1992.

Carol Wilcox, “Sugar Water” Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 1996.


Kaua'iWorld.Com - Today's link to the Garden Island. News, surf, links, news archives.
Ho'okipa Networks Virtual Taro Patch is the premier Kaua'i web site for information about the land, water, ahupua'a, and culture - in fact, everything about Kaua'i that you want to know.
Beyond excellent is Pacific World's site about Ha'ena. by RDK Herman. This site is really worth visiting and spending some time with - a great synthesis of the geography and culture of indigenous people. Check out Pacific World's home page for other indigenous geography educational tools.
What's the water like? Hawai'i's Watersheds has a database for freshwater, saltwater, land and air field data. Add your data and see what others have discovered in watersheds around the state. An excellent reference for water quality monitoring.
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