Tour Nawiliwili Bay: Sources and Credits

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The image of children overlooking Niumalu is taken from "We the People of Niumalu-Nawiliwili: our lifestyle and environment",
Niumalu-Nawiliwili Tenants Association, October, 1973.
These were among the first modern day maka'ainana to defend the connection between the land, water, and quality of their life.
Tour Nawiliwili Bay: Contents
Hawaiian Islands from space - NASA photograph
Hule'ia Photo - Randy Wichman
Wahi Pana Photo - Hawaii State Archives. All Hawai'i State Archives photos rephotographed for 'Ainakumuwai by David Boynton
Tour Nawiliwili Bay: Location
Map of the Hawaiian Islands generated with ArcView Explorer.
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Moku 'Aina Map and Ahupua'a Map courtesy of Ho'okipa Network.
Linked Ahupua'a aerial photographs of Kipu, Ha'iku, Niumalu, Nawiliwili, and Kalapaki by David Boynton, courtesy of Casey Reiner and Jack Harter Helicopters.

Tour Nawiliwili Bay: Five Streams
Present day Koenaawanui photo by P.M. Cockett
Wailua waterfalls and Hanakapiai photo courtesy of the Division of Aquatic Resources, Department of Land and Natural Resources,
State of Hawai'i. (DAR)
Ahupua'a painting by Marilyn Kahalewai
Maps of Caseland from Ho'okipa Network
Hule'ia River photo by Randy Wichman
Pu'ali Stream photo by P.M. Cockett
Papalinahoa photo from the M.F. Prosser Collection, Kauai Historical Society
Nawiliwili Stream photo by P.M. Cockett
Koenaawanui photo from Cheryl Lovell-Obatake, private collection.
Kalapaki aerial photo from Kauai Historical Society
Tour Nawiliwili Bay: Wahi Pana
Hobey from Holbrook Goodale, private collection
Cheryl by P.M.Cockett
All other photos in this section by David Boynton, except for Pau kini and Mokuweo, by P.M. Cockett.

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Frederick B. Wichman, "The Place Names of Puna" Notes at the Kauai Historical Society

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