New NACHA Requirement (as of 9/18/2009)

Effective September 18, 2009, the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) will change the requirements for receiving electronic payments. As of that date, all electronic payments to banks in another country will have to be coded as an international payment.

Although ePayment only allows electronic payments to U.S. banks, an employee could instruct their U.S. bank to forward their payment to a bank in another country. In this scenario, the employee’s electronic payment to their U.S. bank must be coded as an international payment.

Sample Scenario:  John has his travel reimbursement direct deposited into his U.S. bank account and then 100% of those funds are moved by his U.S. bank to a bank in Mexico. Effective September 18, 2009, this transaction (the initial direct deposit to the U.S. bank) must be coded as an international payment.

For existing ePayment users (i.e. those already set up for EFT):  If you receive electronic payments (such as travel reimbursements) at a U.S. bank and then have the entire payment amount forwarded to a bank in another country, please advise the Disbursing Office at 956-7126.

For new ePayment users (i.e. those not yet set up for EFT):  If you intend to transfer monies received from UH to a foreign banking institution, do NOT use ePayment. Please contact the Disbursing Office at 956-7126 for more information.