The Ike Wai platform aims to provide centralized resources supporting multi-domain data management, computation, analysis and visualization tools to support reproducible science, modeling, data discovery and decision support for the Hawaii EPSCoR ‘Ike Wai research team and wider Hawai‘i water community. By leveraging the Agave platform UH has been able to construct a science gateway platform that ties data and advanced computing resources together to support domains including microbiology, geochemistry, geophysics, economics and humanities with computational and modeling workflows delivered in a user friendly web interface as well as REST based APIs.

The IKE Platform’s Data Descriptor


A powerful feature of this gateway is the ability to associate metadata (data about data) with a file.  The image shows an example data descriptor that an author or user can associate with one or more files.  This helps to ensure that others who want to use this data will have the information they need to make the best use of the data.

The location field allows users to enter locations on a map.  Other users searching for that data could make a bounding box on the map, select the type of data they are looking for (ex: wells) and get back all file records within the box.

Data Descriptor Form