About Hawai‘i EPSCoRʻs ‘Ike Wai Project

Voice of the Sea: Mapping the Freshwater of Hawai’i

Water Sustainability in Hawaiʻi: Knowledge and Teaching Challenges Keynote by Dr. Aly El Kadi

Phylogenetic Diversity of Groundwater Microbes in Hawai‘i Reveals Aquifer Characteristics by Dr. Sheree Watson

‘Ike Wai: O‘ahu Summer Bridge 2019

‘Ike Waiʻs 2019 Summer Bridge, a five-day program held at Kapiʻolani Community College taught 24 undergraduate students about Hawaiian culture and community, biology, geology, hydrology, and STEM careers. Through talks, research, service work and field trips, students gained understanding about science within Hawaiian culture.

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‘Ike Wai: O‘ahu Summer Bridge 2019

'Ike Wai Summer Bridge [produced by Kirena Clah]

Video showcasing the ‘Ike Wai Summer Bridge Program 2017, produced by participant Kirena Clah.

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‘Ike Wai Summer Bridge 2017

About the DROP Module: a well-water monitoring device

Students in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa College of Engineering have developed a small, four-sensor, solar-powered device that could transform well-water monitoring throughout the Hawaiian Islands.The device cost-effectively measures four critical aspects of water quality– temperature, flow direction, salinity and biocontaminants.Read more at the following link: work was supported by National Science Foundation EPSCoR funded project (award #1557349).

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Downwell Remote Operated Platform (DROP): Monitoring Hawai‘iʻs Water Wells