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DISB-4 Employee Travel Form For Travelers whose travel documents cannot be processed in eTravel (RCUH employees, students). Request/Adv
DISB-4B Multiple Destination / Multiple Rate Worksheet
(Effective 10-06-2004)
For non-eTravel users only. View Instructions
DISB-4C Per Diem / M&IE / Lodging Tax Calculation Worksheet
(Effective 01-01-2005)
For eTravel and non-eTravel users.  Needed for eTravel users only if the Traveler is claiming a Flat Amount for Per Diem and the trip is taxable. This form is used to derive the taxable subcodes which the eTravel system cannot automatically generate due to the Flat Rate Per Diem. View Instructions
DISB-4D Receipt Summary Worksheet For eTravel and non-eTravel users. List expenses and no receipt certification. View Instructions
DISB-33 Personal Automobile Mileage Form For eTravel and non-eTravel users.  Required if claiming Mileage due to motor vehicle insurance information. View Instructions