I. Courses on Filipino Language

Fil. 101-102 Elementary Filipino (4-4)

Emphasis on listening and speaking skills in social situations. Learn mini-dialogs as a way of acquiring common vocabulary words and basic structures.

Fil. 201-202 Intermediate Filipino (4-4)

Continuation of 102. Lessons focus on various aspects of Philippine culture as well as the social and linguistic rules of the language. Pre: 102 or equivalent.

Fil. 224-225 Filipino for Education (4-4)

Continuation of 102. Lessons focus on various aspects of Philippine culture and specialized topics that cater to the needs of teachers intending to teach Filipino immigrant students or teach Filipino as a second language. Pre: 102 or 202.

Fil. 301-302 WI/Third-level Filipino (3-3)

Continuation of 202. Conversation, advanced reading, and composition. Meets three times weekly. Pre: 202 or 225, or consent.

Fil. 401-402 WI/Fourth-level Filipino (3-3)

Continuation of 302. Advanced reading in current literature; discussion of cultural implications; advanced conversation and composition. Meets three times weekly. Pre: 302 or consent.

Fil. 315 Filipino Aural Comprehension I (3)

Training in comprehension of spoken authentic/simulated authentic materials presented in news broadcasts, songs, documentary narration, formal lectures, radio and television soap operas, etc. Pre: 302 or consent.

Fil. 415 Advanced Aural Comprehension II (3)

This is a continuation of Filipino 315. Training in comprehension and analysis/criticism of spoken authentic materials through films. Pre: 315 or consent.

Fil. 435 Filipino Translation Techniques (3)

Techniques of bilingual translation: Tagalog to English and English to Tagalog. Pre: 302 or consent.

II. Course on Filipino Grammar

(Conducted in English)

Fil. 451 Structure of Filipino (3)

Introduction to phonology, morphology, syntax. Pre: 202 or consent.

III. Courses on Philippine Literature

Fil. 330 Filipino Film: Art and History (3)

Art and history and Filipino Films from 1950s to the present; selected films will be studied and analyzed. Pre: Fil. 302 or consent.

Fil. 461 Filipino Contemporary Literature I (3)

Selected readings in poetry, short stories, and plays from early 1900s to present. Pre: 402 or consent.

Fil. 462 Filipino Traditional Literature II (3)

Pre-20th century folk literature: epics, legends, folktales, myths, and indigenous drama. Pre: 402 or consent.

IV. Courses on Philippine Literature and Culture

(Conducted in English)

IP 273-E Introduction to Indo-Pacific Language & Philippine Culture (3)

Introduction in English to language(s) and culture(s) of Indo-Pacific country or region. Pre: 101 and 102 courses in Filipino.

IP 363 WI / Philippine Literature in English (3)

Critical survey of 20th century Philippine literature written in English; cultural values. Pre: one of English 250-257 ore consent.

IP 368B WI, E / Southeast Asian Film (Philippines) (3)

Philippine film: art, history and appreciation. Pre: one of English 250-257 or consent.

IP 396 WI / Philippine Literature / Folklore in Translation (3)

Philippine folk literature from the early writings to the major works of contemporary writers. Pre: one of English. Pre: 250-257 or consent.

IP 431 WI / Rizal’s Literary Works in Translation (3)

The course discusses Rizal’s life, the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, some of his poems and political essays. Pre: one of English. 250-257 or consent.

IP 432 WI / Writings of Carlos Bulosan (3)

The course discusses the life, and novels of Carlos Bulosan. Pre: one of English. DL or consent.

V. Additional Courses

(Offered when funding is available)

Fil. 112 Intensive Elementary Filipino (10)

Practice idiomatic conversations. Emphasis on communication through integrated development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Fil. 212 Intensive Intermediate Filipino (10)

Continuation of 112. Communicative competence through the application of sociolinguistic rules. Pre: 112

Fil 303 Accelerated Third Level Filipino (6)

Continuation of 212. Extensive reading on a wide range of topics. Pre: 212.

VI. Directed Studies

Special directed studies are available for advanced students in Philippine literature, culture & linguistics.

IP 261V Topics in Indo-pacific Literature / Culture (Filipino)

Study of a literature or culture of the Indo-pacific area through readings in various academic fields in English. Repeatable up to six credits. Pre: 302 or consent.

IP 499V Directed Studies (V) (Filipino)

Study of Pacific, South Asian, or Southeast Asian language through vernacular readings in various academic fields in English. Repeatable. Pre: 302 or consent.

IP 699V Directed Reading / Research (V)

Directed research involving the use and analysis of Filipino sources. Pre: consent.

VII. Study Abroad

IP 396C Overseas Study in Indo-Pacific Languages and Culture: Philippines (3)