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Ada N fairy

Aakyatin V will climb

Aayusin V will fix or will correct

Abalahin V to disturb; disturbance

Abalang-abala Adj very busy

Abaniko N fan

Abutin V to reach for

Akalaing V to conceive; imagine or think of

Akda N writings

Alaala N memory

Alab N blaze; ardor

Alinlangan N hesitation

Alipunga N athlete's foot

Altapresyon N high blood pressure

Alupihan N cintipede

Amoy N smell

Ani N crop; harvest

Anit N scalp; the skin on the top and back of the head

Anuman Interrog pron whatever; anything; no matter what

Anunsiyo N announcement

Anyayahan V to invite

Asahan V hope; expect

Asal-hayop Adj behaving like an animal

Asikasuhin N things to be attended to

Asiwa Adj ungainly; awkward; uneasy; not easy in manner

Ayon sa according to




Babaguhin V to change some specific thing; to amend; to alter

Babala N alarm; a warning of danger; caution; admonition; notice

Baga N lungs

Baging N vine

Bahagi N part of something

Bakas N print; a mark

Balahibo N body hair; feathers

Balak N plan; arrangement; idea

Balangkas N skeletal form; outline

Bali N fracture

Balisa Adj restless; anxious

Balisawsaw N strangury; a slow and painful discharge of urine

Balkonahe N a small porch or balcony

Balot N cover

Bandang hapon Adv sometime in the afternoon

Banggaan N collision

Bangkay N corpse; remains; a dead body

Bango N aroma; fragrance; perfume; scent

Basi N rice wine

Batay Adj based on; by; according to

Bathala N god

Batid Adj known; aware of; consious of

Batingaw N large bell

Bayaan V to allow or tolerate a situation; to let someone do what he wants

Bayaran V pay

Baybayin N shore; coast; seacoast; seashore; seaside

Beses N times; number of times; frequency

Bigkis N gridle; abdominal band; narrow abdominal binder for a newly-born

Bihira Adj rarely; seldom

Bihisan N change of clothes; to dress someone; or change someone's dress

Bilang Prep as; in the capacity of; by way of

Binabantayan V is guarding; is watching over

Binata N bachelor

Binawi V took away; took back

Binti N leg

Binyagan N baptized; christianized

Bisyo N vice; an evil habit or tendency

Biyaya N blessing; grace; bounty

Biyuda N widow

Bubuntonghininga N will sigh

Bughaw Adj blue

Buhat Prep from

Bukas loob Adj open hearted

Buko N bud of a flower

Bula N foam; bubbles; froth; soapsuds

Bumabahing V to sneeze

Bulsa'y N pocket

Busina N horn




Dadalisayin N to cleanse; to make pure; to purify; to refine

Dadalo V will attend

Dadapuan V will perch on something

Dagdag N additional

Dahan-dahan Adv slowly; in a slow manner

Dakilang Adj great; sublime; eminent

Dakot Adv handful

Dalasan V to make more frequent

Dali-dali Adv hurriedly; hastily; quickly; in a rush

Dalita N extreme poverty; indigence; torment; extreme suffering

Dangal N honor; integrity

Dayuhan N foreigner

Deboto N devotee

Dikdikin N pulverization by pounding

Di pangkaraniwan Adj out of the ordinary; not ordinary

Di-lilimot will not forget

Dibdib N chest

Dibuho N illustration; drawing; artwork

Digmaang pandaigdig N world war

Dilag N maiden

Dinatnan V to come upon; to catch someone in the act; to find someone or something upong arrival

Dinggin V to listen to

Dinidiligan V is watering (plants)

Diwa N essence; the intrinsic nature of a thing; soul; spirit

Diwata N muse; beautiful or lovely queen; nymph; fairy; goddess

Dukha N poor; needy; destitute

Dumaan V to drop in; to pass; to pass through or over; to go by

Dumalo V to assist; to attend

Dumapo V befell; lit. perched on

Dumaramay V sympathize

Dusa N suffering; grief

Duyan N cradle; hammock; swing




Espesyal Adj special




Gala Adj stray; roam; wander

Galing V came from; source of something

Gamutin V to treat; to cure

Giliw N darling; a person much loved

Ginadgad V shaved; cut off in thin slices

Ginatan N dish cooked with coconut milk

Ginhawa N ease; comfort; prosperity

Giniling N ground grain or meat

Gugol N spending

Gulong N wheel




Hahayaan V will leave alone; will ignore; will not pay attention to

Halos Adv nearly; almost; about; just about; practically

Hanay N row; line

Hangarin N ambition

Harana N serenade

Hatiin V to divide in half

Hayaan V don’t worry; ignore

Hindi basta-basta not simple; not considered lightly

Hinggil regarding; concerning

Hinirang N chosen one; the one chosen or selected among many

Hiniwa ng pino Adj finely chopped

Hinog Adj ripe

Hiyas N gem; jewel; precious stone

Hubog N arch; curve

Humihingi V is begging or asking for something




Iahin V serve on the table

Idahak V to cough out

Ihahanap V will search or find something for someone

Ikansela V will cancel

Ilipat V transfer; move

Inaanak N godson or goddaughter

Inaasahan V expects

Inaliw V entertained

Ingatan V take good care of; handle with care

Inihahambing V is being compared

Inihandog V offered

Iniingatan V taking good care of something

Inilagpak V dropped

Inipon V accumulated; collected; gathered

Inis na inis Adj very irritated

Ipaghandog-handog V to present, offer or distribute

Ipagtangkilik V to support; favor; protect

Ipahatid V to ask someone to deliver or send something

Ipakikisuyo V to request or ask a favor

Ipapabaon V will give something as a parting gift

Ipinalalagay V to conclude; to come to an opinion

Isinasabay V is sumultaneous with

Isinilang V was born

Istilo N style

Itatapon V will throw away

Itigis V pouring of liquid from one container to another

Itinakda Adj that has been set; fixed; arranged

Itinanim V planted

Itinuturing V is being considered as

Iuli V to return or put back to its former place or position

Iwanan V to leave something behind




Kaagad Adv quickly; as soon as possible

Kaaya-aya Adj pleasant; agreeable

Kabigha-bighani Adj attractive; lovely

Kabihasnan N civilization

Kabilang V included

Kabilang dako on the other hand

Kabiyak N, Adj the other half; spouse

Kadluan N cradle

Kagalakan N happiness

Kagamitan N function

Kagandahang-asal N good naturedness; positive attitude

Kagandahang-loob N kindness

Kaginhawahan N ease; comfort; prosperity

Kaiba Adj different

Kaibuturan N bottom

Kailangan N pertains to something you need

Kakayahan N ability

Kalagayan N statues; situation; state; condition

Kalamnan N muscles

Kalesa N two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle

Kalikasan N nature

Kalokohan N insanity

Kalooban N will; volition; state of mind; mood

Kaluluwa N soul

Kanluranin N western

Kapalaran N fate; destiny

Kapaligiran N environment

Kapani-paniwala Adj believable

Kapistahan N feast day

Kaputlaan Adj paleness

Kapwa N neighbor; fellow human being

Karamdaman N illness; sickness

Karamihan N majority

Karaniwan Adj common; ordinary; not special

Kasabay Adj simultaneous with

Kasabikan N avidity; eagerness

Kasangkot N involved

Kasipagan N insdustriousness

Katakot-takot Adj terrible; terrifying

Katangi-tangi Adj particular; different from others

Katangian N characteristic

Katapusan N end; conclusion

Katawan N body

Katotohanan N truth

Katutubo N native

Kaugalian N custom; general consent

Kawawa Adj pitiful; poor

Kayarian N form

Kayumanggi Adj brown skin

Kilusan N campaign; movement

Kinamot V scratched

Kinikimkim V keeping one’s feelings to her/himself

Kislap N sparkle; glitter

Koreo N mail; post

Kumalansing V to clink; to clatter; to jingle

Kung sa bagay Idiom. yes, you’re right

Kunin V to take something

Kusa Adv voluntarily; deliberately

Kusinera N female cook

Kutsara N spoon

Kuwaltang N money




Labahin N laundry

Labis Adj intensely; exceedingly; more than sufficient

Lakaran N walk; errand

Lalanguyan V will swim

Lambingan N caress; showing fondness or tenderness

Lampin N baby’s diaper or swaddling clothes

Laway N saliva

Laylay Adj drooping; hanging loosely or weakly

Libingan N grave; tomb

Lubos na sumasainyo sincerely yours

Lumalaon V to take or last a long time

Lumilok V to carve or model

Luminsad Adj dislocated

Luno Adj very weak; tired and broken

Luwalhati N glory; splendor




Maabot V will reach

Maagap Adj punctual; ready

Maalala V to remember or recall

Maalingasngas V make a little noise/sound

Mababakas V to be able to see a mark or spot left on something

Mabini Adj modest; prudent; civil

Madarama V will feel

Mag-alay V offer

Magaan Adj light

Magampanan V to do one’s role or job

Magdidilim V will darken

Maghanapbuhay V to work for a living

Magiliw Adj amiable; affectionate; tender; kind

Magiting Adj brave; heroic

Magkaibigan N friends

Magkakabunga V will bear fruit

Magkakahiwalay V will be parted

Magkalagut-lagot V to be broken; cut off; snapped off

Magkasakit V to fall ill

Magkatuluyan V to end up with someone

Magmakaawa V to beg for forgiveness or pity

Magmamaliw V will disappear or end; will reduce in fervor

Magpaalila V to work like a slave for somebody

Magpabili V to ask or request someone to buy something

Magpapalakas V will strengthen

Magparamdam V to hint; to show in an indirect way

Magsaing V to cook rice

Magsasaka N farmer

Magwakas V to end

Mahalaga Adj important

Mahawa V to be infected

Mahihintakutan V will be scared

Mahiyain Adj shy

Mahusay Adj skillful; efficient; methodical

Mapakiusapan V to be requested to do something

Mainam Adj pretty; beautiful; fine

Maitutulong N help

Makabitan V to have something installed or connected

Makabuo V be able to form, collect or compile

Makalipas time has lapsed

Makalutas V be able solve

Makapagsilbi V to be able to serve

Makapagtighaw V be able to relieve or alleviate temporarily

Makasarili Adj selfish

Makasaysayan N historical

Makata N poet

Makina N machine

Malago Adj luxuriant; growing thick and green

Malago Adj luxuriant

Malulunod V will drown

Malupit Adj fierce; cruel; brutal

Mamimili V will choose

Mamimintuho V will court or woo a lady

Mamumula V will blush (cheeks)

Mandudula N playwright

Mang-aapi N offender; oppressor

Mangatwiran V to reason out

Manggagawa N worker

Manghihiram V will borrow something from someone

Mangyari N to happen

Manirahan V to live or reside

Manlulupig N conqueror; oppressor

Manunulat N writer

Mapaghimala Adj miraculous

Mapamaraan Adj resourceful

Mapaparam V will disappear

Mapupungay Adj sleepy eyes

Marahil Adv perhaps

Mararamdaman V will feel

Maririkit Adj pretty; beautiful; lovely

Marupok Adj fragile; breakable; weak

Masasalin V will be touched

Masdan V observe; watch

Maselan Adj sensitive

Matanto V to realize

Mataos Adv heartfelt

Matitikman V will be able to taste

Matutulis Adj pointed; sharp end

Mayumi Adj demure; tender




Naaba V oppressed

Nagbuntonghininga V sighed

Nagbibiro V to joke; to jest; to crack a joke; to kid; to fool or tease in a joking manner

Naghihinakit V have hurt feelings

Naghilahan V pulled at each other

Nagkadahon V to grow or sprout leaves

Nagkakalipumpunan V overcrowding

Nagkakamali V making a mistake; mistaken

Nagkupkop V harbored; took care of and protected

Naglalakbay V travels

Naglalarawan V describes

Nagmamaktol V grumbling; murmuring

Nagmamalabis V to overdo; to act exaggeratedly

Nagniningning V is shining; sparkling

Nagpapahumpak V make hollow or sunken

Nagpapatingkad V highlights; adds color

Nagpasyal V took a walk for pleasure

Naguguluhan V is confused

Nahahawa V to be infected; catch a disease

Nahihirapan Adj faces difficulty

Nahihiya Adj is ashamed or embarrassed

Nahihiya V is embarrassed

Naipitan V squeezed or compressed between two objects

Nakabuwal Adj fallen flat on the ground

Nakahiga Adj lying down

Nakahilera V lined up

Nakakasira Adj destructive

Nakakatulong Adj is helpful

Nakakita Vsaw

Nakamasid Adj watching

Nakamihasnan V got used to

Nakapangingibabaw Adj is above all

Nakatambak V piled up

Nakikipagpaligsahan V compete

Nakikiramdam V sensing

Naku Intrj expression of surprise

Nalagasan V fallen off of leaves, petals, feathers, hair or the like

Nalathala V published

Nalisya V dislocate (bone)

Namamanata N having a religious vow

Namamasukan V works as a maid

Namulaklak V flowering; having or producing flowers

Nananabako V smokes tobacco

Nanaog V went down

Nangangahulugan V meanins

Nangangako V promise

Nangingilik Adj

Nangingirot-ngirot Adj is painful (stinging pain)

Naninirgarilyo V smokes

Napakatanga N very dull or stupid person; blockhead

Napapansin V notice, observe

Napasyal V able to visit

Napilitan V got forced; to be moved or driven

Naputulan ng ilaw V had the electricity cut off due to non-payment

Naroroon V as adj. present; there

Nasalin V translated

Nasisinghot V inhales

Natatanto V realized; known

Natigib V overburdened; full to overflowing

Natuyo Adj withered; dried out

Naulanan Adj got rained on

Nilalagnat Adj having a fever

Ninakaw V stole

Ninasa V hoped




Organong kawayan N bamboo organ




Pag-aasam N a longing for something

Pag-iigib N fetching water from a spring or artesian well

Pag-iisip N thought; mind; intellect; reason

Pag-irog N affection; fondness

Pag-unlad N progress; development

Pag-utang N borrowing of money

Pagawaan N factory

Pagbabalot N packing

Pagbuhatan ng kamay V to hurt or beat someone badly

Pagdurusa N suffering; grief

Paghahandog N act of offering: act of giving

Paghahangad N desire

Paghingi ng kamay N asking for the hand of a lover to become his wife

Pagitan Adv (in) between

Pagkadakila N greatness

Pagkadalisay N purity

Pagkakataon N opportunity; chance; coincidence

Pagkakisig Adj musculinity

Pagkasi N protective love; loving protection

Paglayan V freedom

Pagpapahalaga N appreciation; act of appreciating

Pagpapasakit V inflicting suffering

Pagpapatunay N confirmation; act of testing or proving

Pagputong N coronation

Pagsinta V love between man and woman

Pagsisibak N chopping or splitting of wood with an axe or bolo

Pagsusulit N examination

Pagtatanggol N defence

Pagtatangi N love

Pagtitiis N bearing trials or hardships

Pagtitiklop V folding

Pagtugon N answer; reply

Pahinga N rest

Pahintulot N permission

Pakana N plan

Palabas N show; entertainment

Palamuti N decoration

Palayok N earthen pot for cooking

Paligsahan sa buhay N the game of life

Palitan V replace

Paliwanag N explanation

Pambihira Adj unusual

Pamilihan N market

Pamimintas N faultfinding

Pampasahero N passenger vehicle

Pampulitika N political

Pamukaw-sigla Adj lively

Pananaw N point of view

Pananda N marker; sign

Pangako N promise

Panganay N first born

Pangangailangan N need

Panganib N danger

Panggatong N fuel ( as firewood or coal fuel)

Pangkumbento Adj for the convent

Pangunahin Adj primary

Paninilbihan N service

Paniniwalaan V will believe

Panlipunan N social

Pantubos N money for redeeming something

Papayagan V will agree, accept or allow

Pares N pair

Pasakalye N introduction of song; going around the bush

Pasensiya N patience

Pasensya ka na please be patient; willingness to forgive someone; apology?

Pasingawan V steam; to cause to evaporate

Pasisiil V will be oppressed by a ruler or superior

Pasma N spasm

Patapal-tapal V applying in a dab-like or pat-like manner; patching in a

manner by which a plaster is applied; pertaining to medicine application, esp. herbal

Payo N advice

Perdigones N pellets

Pilak N silver

Pilay N sprain

Pilik N eyelashes

Piling N side; near to

Pinagtataguan V is hiding

Pinakamahalaga Adj most important

Pinalayaw V spoiled

Pinangangatawanan N to take responsibility

Pinatatawag V being summoned

Pindang N jerked beef

Pinggan N plate

Piniit V cornered; surrounded; imprisoned

Pintakasi N patron saint

Pinulot V picked up

Pinupusod N topknots; to form a bun on hair

Pipitpitin V will beat, pound or flatten

Piraso N piece

Pitasin V to pick (flowers or fruits); to gather

Plema N phlegm

Prasko N bottle

Preno N brake

Pumanaw V depart; disappear; die

Pumayag V agreed

Pumuri V to praise

Pusod N center (lit. navel)

Putahe N variety of food

Puwera except




Rayuma N rheumatism

Reregaluhan V will give (someone) a gift or present

Resetahan V prescribe

Retablo N frame for religious icon; images of rococo tradition




Sadya N aim; purpose

Sagisag N symbol

Sakdal ng laki Adj very big

Sama ng loob hurt feelings

Samakatwid therefore

Samantala meanwhile

Sandok N ladle or scoop made of coconut shell

Sarikulay Adj multi-colored

Sarimanok N mythical bird of Maranao origin

Sariwa Adj fresh

Sasakyan N vehicle (transportation)

Sayang what a pity!; a wasting or being wasted

Sibuyas N onion

Sigaw N shout

Silanganan N eastern

Silong N ground floor; basement

Simoy N breeze; a gentle or soft wind

Sinangguni V consulted

Singkahulugan N synanymous; equivalent

Sining N art

Sinipot V showed up; attended; appeared

Sinta N love, sweetheart, darling

Sinumbatan V reproached

Sisinat-sinat Adj with or having a slight fever

Siyudad N city

Sukat N size

Suliranin N problem

Sumandok V to scoop; to scoop out; to take up or out with a scoop or as a scoop does

Sumisid V dive head first under water; swim under water

Sumpa N vow, promise; curse

Sumubo V went ahead




Takbo ng buhay N way of life

Takbuhan N race; track; resort; resource for help

Talambuhay N biography

Tanghalan N stage

Tangi Adj exceptional; special; not general

Tangos N pointedness of nose

Tanyag Adj popular

Taos puso Adv wholeheartedly

Tapang N bravery

Tapat na pagsinta NP true love; sincere love

Tasa N cup

Tatae-tae Adj with or having a slight diarrhea

Tatag Adj endurance; steadiness

Tatalikdan V turning one’s back on someone

Tatambad V will appear

Tinanggal V removed

Tingkayad Adj squatting; sitting on one’s heels or haunches

Tining ng loob N conviction

Tumubo V to grow; to thrive; to live

Tumulo V to drip; to fall in drops

Tumusok V to poke




Ubo N cough

Ugat N blood vessel (artery and/or vein)

Ugat N root

Ugpungan N joint

Uhaw Adj thirsty

Ulam N viand; any dish of meat, fish or veges eaten with rice

Uli Adj again; once more

Utang N debt

Uupa V will rent




Wagas Adj pure; sincere

Walang imikan without words

Wari it seems

Watawat N flag

Wika N language

Wika nila they said




Yamot V irritated

Yanung-yano Adj smooth; simple, unaffected