Teddy Charles Barbosa

"I still live in Mililani, the best place in the State of Hawaii!

Currently, I am an investigator with the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations - Wage Standards Division. I investigate complaints regarding minimum wage, overtime, unpaid wages, illegal deductions, family leave, work industry termination, prevailing wages, child labor, and lie detector tests. Conduct educational workshops and consultative meetings with employers, employees, business associations, labor organizations, and State, Federal and County agencies on the assigned labor laws. Issues certificates for the employment of minors, payday expectations, and special minimum rates. Conduct random compliance investigations of employers.

I own and operate a Mobile DJ & Entertainment company, Defining Moments Hawaii, and I also help plan community events such as the Taste of Waipahu & Malunggay Festival.

Given that Filipinos make up about 24% of the State's population ( source ) and as a servant to the public, the BA in Philippine Language and Literature has given me a better understanding on why the job I do is important. People go to work and expect to be paid, but I have been finding some business cheat their employees out of their earned wages. The BA in Philippine Language and Literature has also given me a leg up in communicating with those that have limited English speaking proficiency."

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