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Baging n. vine

Balak n. (1) plan; arrangement (2) idea

Balkonahe n. a small porch or balcony


Baybayin n. shore; coast; seacoast; seashore; seaside

*Kakatwang n. joy; joyfulness; gladness; happiness

*Kagagaling n. came from

Kagamitan n. apparatus; appliance; thing like a tool, small machine, etc. used in doing something (2) appointment; equipment; furniture


Kalbo-kalbo adj. bald; bald-headed

Kalmadong adj. calmed; soothed from pain

Karanasan n. (1) experience (2) experience, meaning what happens to a person (3) training (4) practice (5) time; experience

Kawayan n. bamboo

Kulimlim adj. (1) dark; dull; overcast as the sky (2) hazy or obscured to vision or blurred as a result of cloudiness (3) gloomy; sad

Kumukupas v. to become faded; to discolor

Gubat n. (1) forest; woodland (2) jungle; a thick forest (3) wilderness; a wild place; the wilds

Halos adv. (1) nearly; almost (2) about; just about; nearby

Hihilingin v. (1) to petition; to ask earnestly; to make a petition to

Iinggitin v. to make someone envious

Inilakip v. to enclose; to put in an envelop along with a letter

Ipasalubong n. (1) a gift for a relation or friend brought by traveler returning from a trip (2) adj. referring to anything given as a gift to someone by a newly arrived person

Iwinagayway v. (1) to cause to wave aloft; to wave (2) to flourish; to wave in the air

Maulap adj. (1) cloudy; covered with clouds (2) foggy (3) hazy; misty (4) heavy, meaning dark or full of dark clouds (5) overcast; dark; gloomy


Pinasyalan n. stroll; saunter; taking a walk

Pagpapaapoy v. to ignite or set on fire

Pamangkin n. niece or nephew

Pook n. (1) place; locality; district; site; area; region (2) quarter; section; place of dwelling

Posporo n. match

Rebulto n. statue

Retratuhan v. picture taking