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Ada n. fairy

Bakas n. (1) print; a mark made by pressing or stamping, such as a footprint; impression (2) stamp (3) trace; a mark lift (4) track (5) a mark or spot left on something (6) imprint; a mark made by pressure; print (7) show; appearance (8) tincture; trace; tinge

Batingaw n. large bell

Binata n. bachelor

Buhat prep. from

Bula n. foam; bubbles; froth; soapsuds

Kakaibang adj. (1) singular; strange (2) nondescript; not easily classified; not of any one particular kind

Kahilingan n. (1) request (2) petition; supplication

Kampana n. bell

Karaniwang adj. (1) common; ordinary; not special

Kasaganaan n. (1) abundance; a plentiful supply (2) plenty; full supply; all that one needs (3) wealth; large quantity; prodigality (4) prosperity; affluence

Kasawiang-palad n. adversity; misfortune; distress


Kinaumagahan n., adv. the next morning

Kurot n. pinch; a squeeze between the thumb and the forefinger

Dali-dali adv. hurriedly; hastily; quickly; in a rush

Dinatnan v. to visit; to come upon (2) to catch someone in the act (3) to find someone or something upon arrival

Diwata n. (1) muse (2) beautiful or lovely queen (3) nymph (4) fairy (5) goddess

Engkanto n. (1) charm; enchantment; spell (2) in local folklore; a spirit that can enchant or charm people

Gayunman (1) however, nevertheless (2) at any rate (3) just the same (4) all the same (5) still; and yet; but yet (6) in any case; anyhow (7) though

Gubat n. (1) forest; woodland (2) jungle; a thick forest (3) wilderness; a wild place; the wilds

Hinawakan v. take hold of something specific

Hinahabol v. to hound; to hunt

Hiningi v. to ask for; to demand

Hinukay v. to excavate; to uncover by digging

Hugis n. shape; form; figure

Hugis-puso adj. heart-shaped

Ibinaon v. to embed; to fix or enclose in a surrounding mass; to bury

Inabutan v. to overtake someone; to find someone or something upon reaching a place; to catch up

Inasahan v. anticipated; expected; hoped for

Ipinagtapat v. (1) to confide; to tell a secret (2) to avow; to declare frankly

Lumubha v. to grow or get worse; to degenerate

Lupain n. realm; region

Makaraan adj. (1) bygone; past; former; departed (2) former; past; long past (3) late; recent

Maghigpit adj. (1) austere, severe or strict (2) hard; not yielding to influence; stern (3) drastic; acting with force or violence (4) ironclad; very hard to change or get out of (5) precise, meaning strict (6) rigid; not changing (7) stern; strict; severe; harsh (8) stubborn; hard to deal with

Maitaboy v. (1) to be able to dispel; to dispel; to disperse (2) to repel; to drive back or away

Malalapad adj. broad; wide; large across

Nakikinabang v. to profit; to get advantage from; to benefit

Nakabaon adj. buried; embedded

Nakatiis n. able to endure; undergo; stand or bear

Nagkakaloob v. to endow; to bestow; to furnish with; to award; to grant; to give

Naghinala v. to suspect

Nagmana v. to inherit physical or intellectual qualities


Nangahas v. took by force

Mangahas v. to take by force

Nangangamba v. (1) to be afraid; to feel uneasy about something (2) to be alarmed; to be afraid (3) to apprehend; to expect with fear (4) to doubt; to be apprehensive of; to fear in a mild sense

Napagawi (1)n. direction (2)v. veer in a certain direction

Napadako n. direction; way

Napalinamnam (1) n. savor; taste (2) adj. delicious; very tasty (malinamnam) (3) v. to taste; to savor (namnamin)

Nasalubong v. met on the way

Pagkabigla n. shock; a disturbance of the nervous system; a start

Pagsalakay n. (1) attack; attacking (2) onset (3) assault (4) offense

Pagsisikap n. (1) zeal; an eager desire or effort; earnest enthusiasm (2) endeavor; attempt (3) effort

Pook n. (1) place; locality; district; site; area; region (2) quarter; section; place of dwelling

Pulubi n. (1) pauper (2) mendicant; beggar

Pumapansin n. (1) notice; heed; attention; advertence (2) a comment; a remark (3) recognition; attention; favorable notice (4) critical view

Samakatwid conj. therefore


Tinikman v. to taste

Tulisan n. highway robber; brigand; bandit; outlaw

Tumutubo v. (1) to grow; to thrive; to live (2) to develop; to grow (3) to shoot; to come forth from the ground; to grow rapidly

Ugat n. root; the part of a plant that grows in the soil

Wari'y (1)n. opinion; estimation; judgement (2)adv. (idiomatic use), it seems