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Anuman (1) interrog. pron. Whatever; anything; no matter what (2) n. aught; anything

Asikasuhin n. things to be attended to

Babaguhin v. (1) to change some specific thing (2) to amend; to alter (3) to depart from; to change (4) to renovate; to make new again

Batay adj. (1) based on (2) by; according to (3) subject to; depending on; on the condition of; exposed to (4) with; in proportion to

Bigkis n. (1) girdle; abdominal band (2) narrow abdominal binder for a newly-born (3) bond; anything that binds

Bilang prep. (1) as; in the capacity of (2) by way of; as; for

*Bukas-loob adj. open hearted

Kabiyak n., adj. the other half; fig., the better half; the spouse; husband or wife

Kabutihan n. (1) goodness; moral goodness or virtue (2) benevolence; something good that is done (3) kindness; an act of kindness (4) good; benefit; advantage (5) soundness; freedom from weakness or defect

Kahong n. (1) box; chest (2) any container resembling a box

Kahulugan n. meaning; significance

Kalikasan n. nature; the world; all things except those made by man

Kalulugdan v. to be pleased with someone or something; to be filled with delight; to be ravished

Kalusugan n. (1) healthiness; health; good health (2) soundness; meaning good health (3) progressiveness; full development

Kapaki-pakinabang adj. (1) advantageous; profitable (2) expedient; useful (3) gainful (4) lucrative; profitable (5) salutary; beneficial (6) useful; helpful (7) worth-while; worth time; attention or effort

Kapangyarihang n. (1) might; power; force (2) authority

Karanasan n. experience

Karahasan n. force; ferocity; violence

Karaniwang adj. common; ordinary; not special

Katangiang n. attribute; characteristic; special quality

Katapatan n. (1) honesty (2) integrity; probity; uprightness (3) sincerity; freedom from pretence or deceit (4) constancy; faithfulness (5) allegiance; loyalty (6) fidelity (7) reliability; trustworthiness; uprightness (8) frankness; plainness of speech

Katuwaan n. fun; merriment; lark; jest; a happy, merry, or pleasant gathering (note the accentuation of this word katuwaan when it means "fun," etc., as compared with katuwaan or katuwaan meaning "joy," etc.)

Kumikilala v. to respond; to react; to act in answer

Dakilang adj. (1) great (2) sublime (3) eminent; great; grand; celebrated (4) distinguished (5) extreme; very great (6) grand; fine; dignified

Dahan-dahan adv. Slowly; in a slow manner

Dalasan v. to make more frequent

Dumalo v. to assist; to attend

Gayundin (1) likewise; the same; in like manner (2) so; also

Gugulin v. to spend

Gumugol v. to spend

Halimbawa n. (1) example; model (2) representative; type (3) a sample; one thing taken to show what the others are like (4) illustration (5) instance (6) pattern

Harapin v. to tackle; to try to deal with

Hayaang v. to let be or stay; not to touch or disturb

Higit adv. (1) more; more than; exceeding; transcending (2) far; much (3) over; more than (4) plus; and more


Humingi v. to ask for; to sue; to beg for

Humubog v. (1) to curve; to bend something slightly; esp. as in shaping; to curve or shape by curving; to shape into an arc (2) to form; to shape (3) figuratively, to discipline or train somebody relative to conduct

Ikinagagalit v. (1) to be the reason for getting angry; to cause to be angry; to anger; to make angry (2) to be the reason for resentment, therefore in English, simply, to resent; to feel injured and angry at; to feel indignation at

Igalang v. (1) to defer; to show respect to (2) to honor; to respect (3) to respect; meaning to feel or show honor to or esteem for (4) to venerate; to regard with reverence; to revere

Ipagdiwang v. (1) to celebrate an occasion; to celebrate; to observe with special activities (2) to solemnize; to observe with ceremonies (3) to observe; to show regard for (4) to triumph; to rejoice because of victory or success

Isinilid v. to put something in an in-closed container

Itinatangi v. distinguish; to set apart from others

Layunin n. intention; object; purpose (2) intent (3) cause (4) end; object aimed at (5) objective (6) object (grammatical)

Ligtas adj. (1) saved; freed; free; out of danger (2) redeemed (3) exempt; immune; not subject to (4) safe; free from harm or danger

Lingguhang adj.; adv. weekly; once each week

Lumaking v. (1) grow big (2) to develop (3) to expand; to become bigger

Maaasanhan (1) able to be reckoned on or depended on (2) dependable

Makabuluhan adj. meaningful; full of meaning


Makipag-ayos v. to arrange things; to arrange matters; to settle differences


Magkakasalo adj. taking food together; eating together, esp. from the same plate

Mag-ehersisyo v. to exercise; to drill

Maglaan v. (1) to devote; to set apart for a special purpose (2) to provide; to take care for the future (3) to reserve; to keep back; to hold or hold back; to set apart; to save for later use (4) to appropriate; to set apart for some special use


Magtalo v. to contend; to debate; to dispute; to argue

Magtanim v. (1) to plant; to grow; to cause to grow; to raise (2) to harbor; to retain (3) to imbed; to ingrain; to engrain; to fix; impress or implant deeply and firmly

Maiging adj. good; fine; all right

Mainisin v. exasperated; disgusted; annoyed, etc.


Maliligtasan will get through or get past a problem

Malulusog adj. (1) healthy; having good health (2) sound; robust; hardy; hale

Mapanatiling v. to retain; to keep in posession

Marahil adv. (1) probably; likely (2) perhaps; maybe; possibly (3) doubtless (4) possibly

Matatag adj. (1) adamant; uncompromising; unyielding (2) unshaken; firm (3) immovable; steadfast (4) sound; strong; safe; secure

Matatagpuan v. to happen to find or discover; to come upon by chance; to come across

Matibay adj. strong; morally strong

Matutong v. (1) to learn; to acquire knowledge (2) to pick up; to learn without teaching

Nakaaabala v. to cause to or be a cause of bother, trouble, or disturbance; to bother, trouble or disturb (loose trans.)

Nakakaagapay v. to flank; to be at the side of

Nagdiriwang n. celebration; holding of a celebration or a fiesta; commemoration of a victory or success

Naglakbay v. to journey; to travel; to go from one place to another

*Nagpapatigib adj. burden

Tigib adj. (1) overburdened; full to overflowing (2) fraught; loaded; filled

Pagkakabuo n. organization, meaning here the way in which the parts of something are arranged to work together

Pagkakataon n. opportunity; chance

Paghikayat n. persuasion; persuading

Pagiging v. to render; to cause to become; to make

Pagliligpit v. act of putting away things in an orderly manner

Paglilingkod n. (1) act of serving; service (2) ministry; a ministering or helping

Pagpapahalaga n. (1) appreciation; act of appreciating (2) sense (4) account; importance (5) emphasis; stress (6) attention; consideration (7) esteem; high regard

Pagsampalatayang n. act of believing; act of faith


Pagsilang n. appearance; coming forth; birth; being born

Pagtitipon n. (1) collection; act of collecting or gathering things (2) accumulation; the act of accumulating (3) gathering; an assembly; a meeting; a convocation (4) party; a social gathering

*Paluan v. spanking

Pamamagitan n. intervention; mediation; intercession

Paminsan-minsan adj. occasional; happening or coming now and then, or once in a while

*Pamumulot v. picking up (as in picking up trash)

Pananagutan v. to answer for; to guarantee

Pananalig n. trust; confidence

Pangkat n. section (2) a division as of a book; a portion (3) article; a separate section of anything written (4) segment (5) batch; group of people

Pangyayari n. (1) affair (2) event; an important happening

Parangalan v. to honor someone; to proudly commemorate some event; to proudly exhibit; to make a show of

Paumanhin n. toleration; allowance made for a fault (2) meekness; patience

Pilitin v. to try; to urge; to oblige

Pinagkakaabalahan n. worries; troubles

*Pinananaligang n. (1) confidence; trust (2) belief; faith


Puntong n. (1) period (2) point scored in a game (3) point in an argument or discussion; impressive idea (4) accent; intonation; tone; a particular way of speaking

Salin n. translation

Sampalan n. act of slapping one another on the face; slapping incident


Sinasang-ayunan v. to agree with; to accede to; to approve; to give in to; to humor

Subuking v. (1) to experiment; to try in order to find out (2) to test; to put to a test of any kind; to try out (3) to measure; to compare with some other person or thin by estimating, judging or acting (4) to prove; to try

Tagapakinig n. a hearer; a listener

Tagumpay n. (1) victory; success; prosperity (2) success; a person or thing that succeeds (3) accomplishment; something done successfully in spite of difficulties

Tahimik adj. (1) calm (2) peaceful; quiet

Tandaang v. to mark with a sign

Tungkulin n. (1) duty; responsibility; concern; obligation (2) position

Tuparin v. (1) to exercise; to perform (2) to fulfill; to comply with; to carry out; to keep (3) to make good, meaning to fulfill (4) to redeem; to carry out (5) to discharge; to perform; to accomplish; to put into effect

Umaayon v. (1) to agree with; to side with (2) to sympathize (3) to square with; to conform (4) to defer; to yield in judgement or opinion (5) to adhere to; to unite in agreement

Umasa v. (1) to hope (2) to look for; to expect (3) to trust (4) to be hopeful (5) to be dependent on another (6) to rely on; to depend on; to trust (7) to turn on; to depend on (8) to count on (9) to hang on

Unawain v. to heed; to give careful attention to

Upang conj. in order to; as a means to; for the purpose of