Summer Session Tuition

The summer session tuition schedule provided here is for convenience and does not constitute an official declaration of University of Hawaiʻi tuition information. Each summer session tuition schedule will be announced in the preceding spring semester.

For official tuition schedules refer to the UH Executive Policies on Tuition.

Tuition schedule

Regular Semester | Summer Session

PCH = Per Credit Hour, FT = Full Time, NA = Not Applicable

Summer 20171
Resident Non-Resident
UH Mānoa      
   Undergraduate 453 NA 453 NA
   Graduate 637 NA 637 NA
   Graduate Business2 887 NA 887 NA
   Graduate Education (EdD) 701 NA 1,595 NA
   Graduate Nursing 1,001 NA 1,001 NA
   Law - JD 933 NA 933 NA
   Law - LLM 1,860 NA 1,860 NA
UH Hilo3        
   Undergraduate 300 NA 435 NA
   Graduate 479 NA 631 NA
   Graduate Nursing 781 NA 1,558 NA
UH West Oʻahu3 300 NA 435 NA
UH Community Colleges3,4
(Summer, Special Term, Customized)
248 NA 357 NA


Tuition rates subject to change. Figures listed exclude fees.

1At all campuses, tuition is not charged for credit courses that are subsidized under contractual agreements (students may be subject to administrative fees). In accordance with University concurrent enrollment policy, students enrolling at multiple institutions/campuses during the same term pay the applicable rate at each campus. Professional fees may be required for seleced undergraduate programs. See respective campus programs for details.

2Master’s degrees offered in executive format by the Shidler College of Business charge the resident tuition established here (plus additional fees).

3Pacific Islander rates at UH Hilo, UH West Oʻahu, and the UH Community Colleges are calculated at the midpoint between the resident and nonresident rates. Likewise, WUE rates at UH Hilo, UH West Oʻahu, and Maui College are calculated at the midpoint between the resident and nonresident rates. Pacific Islander and WUE rates at UH Mānoa follow the resident/nonresident summer rates published in this schedule.

4These rates do not apply to: 1) any credit course offered throughout the academic year for which a General Fund appropriation is authorized, 2) remedial/developmental course, 3) college success courses or other courses taught as part of a learning community that includes remedial/developmental courses. During the summer terms, these courses will be charged at the previous fall/spring rates, 4) the community colleges may also set tuition at the same rate as UH Hilo for upper division courses.

Approved by the President: February 15, 2015.
Source: Executive Policy E6.201, October 26, 2011, as modified on February 1, 2016, amended on July 21, 2016.