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Welcome to FSIS!

We provide immigration assistance to University of Hawaii (UH) departments and international scholars and employees across the UH System.
As a UH office, we are unable to provide immigration advising to individuals who are affiliated with outside organizations, such as the East-West Center, RCUH, and non-UH institutions.

Immigration laws change frequently. It is important that UH departments ensure all immigration requirements are met before finalizing plans to recruit or offer employment or payment to a foreign national. Immigration requirements need to be considered in these types of situations:

  • Offering permanent or temporary employment to a foreign national
  • Hosting a visiting international scholar, either paid or unpaid
  • Sponsoring an international guest lecturer or artist
  • Inviting an international symposium or conference participant
  • Inviting an international colleague to UH for short-term collaboration

The Administrative/Personnel Officer (AO/PO) in most UH units is FSIS’s main point of contact. UH departments requiring assistance with immigration matters should first consult with their AO/PO on the proper procedures. See APM 9.610 for the UH administrative procedures for recruitment, selection, and appointment of foreign nationals.