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General Education Office

The General Education Office (GEO) was established by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee in 2001. It is built upon the existing staff and facilities of the Mānoa Writing Program.

The primary responsibility of the GEO is to assist the faculty groups that oversee the General Education Program. Assistance includes

  • coordinating the review of courses (proposed for a general education designation or already existing as a general education course)

  • collecting and reporting data on general education courses so the faculty groups can make informed decisions

  • maintaining records of the General Education Program, including policy decisions and implementation procedures, minutes of meetings, course records

  • providing clerical support for the faculty groups

  • communicating with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Admissions & Records office, Council of Advisers, academic departments, and faculty members teaching general education courses

  • participating in faculty development and training efforts


  • Hokulani Aikau, Director

  • Dawne Bost, Academic Support

  • Lisa Fujikawa, Academic Support

  • Vicky Keough, Secretary

last updated January 14, 2015