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Contemporary Ethical Issues Focus


Alternatives to a single 3-credit "E" class

While typical Contemporary Ethical Issues (E)-designated classes are 3-credits, the Board does consider alternative arrangements to satisfy the requirement. (Alternatives are possible because the E requirement is a class requirement, not a credit requirement.)

Course Sequence

The department of Dental Hygiene proposed a series of courses that collectively meets the E requirement by having ethical issues incorporated in each course in the series. Only the final course would be given the E-designation. The Board approved the course sequence alternative because enrollment is restricted to Dental Hygiene majors and students must complete the entire series in order to receive due credit.

One-Credit Seminar

The Chemistry department proposed a one-credit seminar course on contemporary ethical issues in chemistry. As the Hallmark requires that ethical issues and discussion be at least 30% of a 3-credit course, the Board concluded that a 1-credit course devoted exclusively to ethics would qualify. Thus, the Chemistry course was given an E designation.


A third alternative format suggested was a credit/no-credit course. A similar suggestion was made for the Oral Communication designation. The rationale is that CR/NC would allow for (and possibly encourage) free and open discussion. Credit would be given for attendance, participation, and completion of work.

NOTE: The course must be only offered as CR/NC because of grading policies (see the "Minimum Grade Requirements" statement in the General Education section of the Catalog.) To create or modify a course that is CR/NC, a UHM-1 or UHM-2 form is required.


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