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2013-14 Faculty Committees

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Contact the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Service.

General Education Committee

The General Education Committee (GEC), a Standing Committee of the UHM Faculty Senate, develops policies and procedures for implementing and monitoring General Education at UHM, and it undertakes regular assessment of the program's educational effectiveness.

Concerns regarding Diversification courses or the Focus Exemption should be sent to the GEC Chair.

Committee member Role Term ends
Stacey Roberts (Educational Administration) Chair June 2014
Pete Garrod (Natural Resources & Environmental Management) Vice Chair June 2015
Bob Joseph (Astronomy) June 2016
Joy Logan (Languages & Literatures of Europe & the Americas - Spanish)   June 2015
Sarita Rai (Study Abroad)   June 2014
Scott Rowland (Geology & Geophysics)   June 2014
Amy Schiffner (Theater & Dance)   June 2015
Kiana Shiroma (Honors)   June 2016
Elisabeth Seamon ASUH representative June 2014
Non-voting members
Dawne Bost (General Education Office/Manoa Writing Program)
Ronald Cambra (Assistant Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education)
Lisa Fujikawa (General Education Office/Manoa Writing Program)
Todd Sammons (General Education Office/Manoa Writing Program)
Carolyn Stephenson (Senate Executive Committee liaison)
Ryan Yamaguchi (Admissions)
FRAUM representative (emeritus faculty) - currently unfilled


Foundations Board

Board member   Term ends
Mark Banner (Theater & Dance) FG June 2016
Bob Joseph (Astronomy) GEC liaison June 2016
Bjoern Kjos-Hanssen (Mathematics)   June 2015
Judy Lemus (Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology)   June 2015
Mike Nassir (Physics/Astronomy) FS June 2014
Amy Schafer (Linguistics) Chair, FW June 2014
Kyle Van Duser (First Years Program)   June 2016
Mandy Westfall-Senda (Student Life & Development)   June 2015


Contemporary Ethical Issues Focus Board

Board member   Term ends
Garrett Clanin (Student-Athlete Academic Services)   June 2015
Donald Drake (Botany)   June 2015
Vicky Lebbin (Library Services) Chair June 2014
Njoroge Njoroge (History)   June 2014
Amy Schiffner (Theatre and Dance) GEC liaison June 2015
Brent Sipes (Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences)   June 2016


Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues Focus Board

Board member   Term ends
Lonny Carlile (Asian Studies)   June 2016
Ernestine Enomoto (Educational Administration) Chair June 2015
Lisette Flanary (Academy for Creative Media)   June 2015
I-Bei Lin (Music)   June 2016
Sarita Rai (Study Abroad) GEC liaison June 2014
Fata Simanu-Klutz (Indo-Pacific Languages & Literatures)   June 2014


Oral Communication Focus Board

Board member   Term ends
Christine Beaule (Languages & Literatures of Europe & the Americas)   June 2014
Matt Eng (Manoa Advising Center)   June 2016
Kate Hye Eun Lee (Communicology)   June 2014
Ingrid Lin (Travel Industry Management)   June 2015
Joy Logan (Languages & Literatures of Europe & Americas - Spanish) GEC liaison June 2015
Dainan Skeem (Library Services) Chair June 2015


Writing Intensive Focus Board

Board member   Term ends
Jim Caron (English)   June 2015
Kenton Harsch (Second Language Studies)    ex officio
Jim Henry (Manoa Writing Program Director) Chair   ex officio
Cindy Hunter (Biology)   June 2016
Kristin Pauker (Psychology)   June 2015
Karen Selph (Oceanography)   June 2016
Kiana Shiroma (Honors) GEC liaison June 2016
Rayna Tagalicod (Manoa Advising Center)   June 2014
Bobby Tokunaga (Communicology)   June 2014
Halina Zaleski (Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences) June 2016
Non-voting members
Dawne Bost General Education Office/Manoa Writing Program
Lisa Fujikawa General Education Office/Manoa Writing Program


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