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Fall 2003 Committees

General Education Committee F03

Committee member Role Term ends
David Stegenga (Mathematics) Chair; Senator June 2004
Linda Cox (Natural Resources & Environmental Management) Vice-chair; Senator June 2005
Carolyn Brooks-Harris (A&S Student Academic Services) Liaison from A&S Advising June 2004
William Foltz (English) W Board liaison June 2006
Randy Hensley (Hamilton Library) F Board liaison June 2005
Jeannie Lum (Educational Foundations) H Board liaison June 2006
Markus Wessendorf (Theatre & Dance) O Board liaison June 2004
Norman Kukona (ASUH) ASUH representative June 2004
Richard Chadwick (Political Science) E Board liaison June 2005
Non-voting members
Janice Uchida (Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences) -- Liaison from SEC
Jan Heu (Admissions & Records)
Thomas Hilgers (General Education Office/Manoa Writing Program)
Denise Konan (Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)


Foundations Board F03

Board members Role   Term ends
David Chin (Info & Computer Science) Special responsibility for Symbolic Reasoning   June 2006
Michael Graves (Anthropology) Special responsibility for Global & Multicultural Perspectives   June 2005
Sherwood Maynard (Biology, Marine Options Program) Broad perspective, representing full range of undergraduate education   June 2006
Patricia Nishimoto (Career Services) First Year at Manoa representative   June 2006
David Ross (Math) Broad perspective, representing full range of undergraduate education   June 2004
Todd Sammons (English) Special responsibility for Written Communication   June 2005
Margit Watts (Rainbow Advantage) Broad perspective, representing full range of undergraduate education Chair June 2004
Randy Hensley GEC liaison    


Contemporary Ethical Issues Focus Board F03

Board members   Term ends
Andrew Arno (Anthropology) Co-chair, Fall 2003 June 2005
Linda Engelberg (Sinclair Library, Wong AV Center)   June 2006
Ernestine Enomoto (Educational Administration) Co-chair, Spring 2004 June 2005
Lois Magnussen (Nursing)   June 2006
Ian Robertson (Civil & Environmental Engineering)   June 2004
Robert Chadwick GEC liaison  


Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues Focus Board F03

Board members   Term ends
Pauline Chinn (College of Education)   June 2006
Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa (Hawaiian Studies)   June 2005
Niklaus Schweizer (Lang. & Lit. of Europe & the Americas)   June 2006
Ron Solis (Hawaiian & Indo-Pacific Languages &  Literatures)   June 2005
Ricardo Trimillos (Asian Studies) Chair, 
Fall 2003
June 2004
Jeannie Lum GEC liaison  


Oral Communication Focus Board F03

Board members   Term ends
Kelly Aune (Speech) Chair June 2004
Catherine Hamer (Library)   June 2006
John Mayer (Hawaiian & Indo-Pacific Languages)   June 2005
Jeanne Oka (Arts & Sciences Advising)   June 2006
Panos Prevedouros (Civil & Environmental Engineering)   June 2005
Marcus Wessendorf GEC liaison  


Writing Intensive Focus Board F03

Board members Area Term ends
Helen Baroni, Religion A&S: Arts & Humanities June 2005
Graham Crookes, Second Language Studies Director of the English Language Institute  
Thomas Hilgers, English W BOARD CHAIR & Director of the Manoa Writing Program  
Joy Logan, Spanish A&S: Languages, Linguistics, & Literatures June 2004
Richard Nettell, English A&S: Languages, Linguistics, & Literatures June 2006
Lawrence Nitz, Political Science A&S: Social Sciences June 2005
Lorey Takahashi, Psychology A&S: Social Sciences June 2006
Megumi Taniguchi, Student Academic Services A&S: Student Academic Services June 2004
Todd Sammons, English Director of Composition  
Leslie Wilson, Math A&S: Natural Sciences June 2004
Non-voting members
Lisa Fujikawa Manoa Writing Program
Monica Stitt-Bergh Manoa Writing Program
William Foltz GEC liaison


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