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H Focus sections are designated every semester based on the course/instructor information found in Banner/MyUH.

UHM faculty members with current, active approvals do not need to submit a proposal form. As long as they are listed as the section's instructor of record in MyUH before continuing student registration begins, their approved Focus designation(s) will be added to their section(s).

UHM faculty members who do not have active Focus approval for their course (or whose approval has expired) should submit a "Focus form" to request a Focus designation for their section(s).

Department Chairs may submit a "STAFF" form if the faculty member is unknown, or a "COURSE-based" form if the department wishes to designate all sections of a course every semester.

Click here for all UHM Focus proposal forms

UH Hilo and Hawai'i Community College faculty members need to complete and submit a request for articulation. The form is available on our HAP articulation web page.

All other UH System campuses' approved H Focus courses will articulate as fulfilling Manoa's H Focus requirement.

Hallmarks of Hawaiian, Asian, & Pacific Issues Classes

To fulfill the Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues Focus requirement, at least two-thirds of a class must satisfy the following Hallmarks:

H1. The content should reflect the intersection of Asian and/or Pacific Island cultures with Native Hawaiian culture.

H2. A course can use any disciplinary or multi-disciplinary approach provided that a component of the course uses assignments or practica that encourage learning that comes from the cultural perspectives, values, and world views rooted in the experience of peoples indigenous to Hawai'i, the Pacific, and Asia.

H3. A course should include at least one topic that is crucial to an understanding of the histories, or cultures, or beliefs, or the arts, or the societal, or political, or economic, or technological processes of these regions; for example, the relationships of societal structures to the natural environment.

H4. A course should involve an in-depth analysis or understanding of the issues being studied in the hope of fostering multi-cultural respect and understanding.

Explanatory Notes

  • The concept of intersection of Native Hawaiian culture with either or both of the other two regions is key. A course exclusively about Hawai'i, the Pacific Islands, or Asia is not eligible for an H designation. A course that does not include relationships with Native Hawaiian Culture is not eligible for an H designation.

  • The course design must include both the Native Hawaiian voice and the native voice from the indigenous people of the area of intersection. These could be represented through publications, videos, guest speakers, or field trips, for example.

Teacher Resources

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Requirements for Students

Students are required to complete 1 Hawaiian, Asian, & Pacific Issues Focus class (listed as "H" or "HAP" in the UHM Schedule of Classes).


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