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Focus Exemption

(The "Wild Card Option" has been revised and renamed "Focus Exemption.")

Undergraduate students may apply for exemption from one Focus requirement if they have had a college-level extraordinary educational experience that falls outside of normal university coursework and also meets appropriate Focus Hallmarks.

Note: If approved, exemption from a particular Focus requirement does not reduce the total number of credits that a student needs to graduate. Students are limited to one exemption.

Application Process

  1. Read through all of the Focus Exemption materials to be sure that the experience qualifies and meets the hallmarks.

  2. Submit the application form with a statement of no more than 750 words addressing how the experience met the hallmarks and was an extraordinary educational experience.

  3. Have the sponsor complete the Sponsor Verification and Assessment Form to be included as part of your application.

Deadlines. Students must submit the application form, statement, and the Sponsor Verification and Assessment Form at least one semester prior to the anticipated semester of graduation. Students are encouraged to submit these well before the due date. Due dates:

August graduation—March 1 (or earlier)
December graduation—April 1 (or earlier)
May graduation—November 1 (or earlier)


Materials, Application Form, and Sponsor Verification & Assessment Form


Focus Exemption HALLMARKS


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