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The "collection" option gives UH Mānoa students the opportunity to earn three credits for an FW course (English 100, 100A, 190 or English as a Second Language 100) without taking the course. [footnote*]

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Who is invited to submit a collection?
Why should I submit a collection?
What must the collection include?
What are the competencies of English 100?
When is the collection due?
What if I don't submit a collection?


Students will be invited to submit a Collection if they meet one of the following criteria when they enter UHM:

A) Scored 680 or higher on SAT Writing and 680 or higher on SAT Critical Reading

(Students who took the SAT prior to March 2005 must have an SAT Verbal score of 680 or higher.)


Important: UHM must receive official SAT scores well in advance of course registration.




B) Scored 30 or higher on ACT "English/Writing Combined" and 30 or higher on ACT Reading (UHM requires the Writing section if you took the ACT in February 2005 or later. The "English/Writing Combined" score is given in the "Plus Writing Scores" section on the results sheet that ACT sent to you. Students who took the ACT prior to February 2005 must have an ACT English score of 30 or higher and an ACT Reading score of 30 or higher.)


Important: UHM must receive official ACT scores well in advance of course registration.




C) Scored a "3" on either one of the AP English Exams (Note: A score of 4 or 5 on one of the AP English exams earns a student 3 credits for ENG 100, which fulfills the FW requirement.)


Important: UHM must receive official AP scores well in advance of course registration.

Students who were admitted to UHM without standardized test scores and/or who feel that they already possess the ability to write proficiently in multiple genres for academic and other audiences may also submit a collection. Students in this category must notify the Mānoa Writing Program in their first semester at UHM by emailing mwp@hawaii.edu for deadlines and a formal invitation letter.

Students who decide to submit a collection will have their writing evaluated by UH Mānoa faculty members. If the faculty evaluators determine that the collection demonstrates that the competencies associated with the Foundations-Written Communication (FW) requirement have already been achieved, students will be awarded three credits, and an FW course will not be required. [Students will be charged a $15.00 administrative fee for the 3-credit FW course, which will appear on the transcript.]  [footnote*]

If the UH Mānoa faculty evaluators decide that the collection does not meet the competencies, students will be advised to take English 100, 100A (Honors English), 190, or English as a Second Language (ESL) 100.



You are invited to submit a collection because the UH Mānoa faculty believe that you may have already learned most of what is covered in English 100 (or English 190). We ask you to submit a collection of writing because we need to review additional samples of your work to decide if you have already met the English 100/190 competencies.

UH Mānoa students who choose to submit a collection of writing believe they have considerable achievement as writers and could bypass the introductory composition course.

Saving your writing (or generating new pieces) and writing the cover essay will take considerable time and effort. But if your cover essay and pieces demonstrate achievement of the English 100/190 competencies, you will not have to take your assigned FW course and will instead receive three academic credits [a $15.00 administrative fee will be charged if you receive credits]. For many UH Mānoa students, putting together a collection can be worthwhile.



Your collection of writing must include the following:
Collection requirements
  An introductory cover essay (no more than 1,000 words) that explains how your pieces in the collection demonstrate that you have achieved the English 100/190 competencies.
  Two or three pieces of non-fiction prose, totaling between 3,750 and 6,250 words (roughly 15-25 typewritten pages), not including the cover essay or drafts/notes. Submissions containing fiction or poetry will not earn exemption.
  One piece must be at least 2,000 words (about 8 typewritten pages), not including drafts/notes.
  One piece must include notes and one or more preliminary drafts.
  One piece must have content other than that of English or Language Arts ( content such as business, history,  psychology, science, etc.).
  One piece must have outside sources documented using a standard format (APA, MLA, Chicago Style, etc.).
(Pieces may satisfy more than one of these requirements.)



The faculty evaluators will use the English 100/190 competencies as their guide when reviewing your collection. Your cover letter should explain how the pieces of writing you include in your collection demonstrate that you have achieved these competencies.

English 100/190 competencies:

  • Write well-reasoned texts that reveal the complexity of the topic.
  • Use resources such as libraries and the Internet in order to enhance understanding of ideas, and analyze and evaluate research for reliability, bias, and relevance.
  • Read outside sources for main points, perspective, and purpose; evaluate the quality of evidence, negotiate conflicting positions, and analyze the effectiveness of a source's approach in order to integrate that knowledge into a text.
  • Choose language, style, and organization appropriate to particular purposes and audiences.
  • Synthesize previous experience and knowledge with new ideas and information.
  • Use readers' responses as one source for revising writing.
  • Correctly use standard forms (e.g., MLA, APA) that are appropriate for various disciplines in introducing and citing sources.
  • Recognize editing and proofreading skills as important to the latter stages of the writing process.



You will have several months to submit your collection. A specific due date is included with the letter of invitation, and is normally in October for those who were admitted for the Fall semester and in March for Spring admits.

Faculty evaluators read the collections, and results are emailed to students approximately two weeks after their submission deadline. Please refer to the invitation letter for the exact due date.



It is your choice to submit a collection. If you decide not to, there is no penalty. You will take your assigned Foundations-Written Communication (FW) course as you normally would.




* The "Collection" applies to University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM) students only. Other UH campuses and community colleges do not accept UHM's evaluation of students' collections. In other words, if you submit a collection and receive credit for English 100, 100A, 190, or English as a Second Language 100, that credit is currently accepted at UHM only.