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Informative Oral Presentation Evaluation Form


Name ______________________________________________________ 

Date _____________________


Content                                                Comments

_____ Effective attention getter

_____ Clear, strong thesis statement

_____ Main points were clear

_____ Main points were substantive

_____ Subpoints were clear

_____ Subpoints were substantive

_____ Supporting evidence was provided

_____ Sources of information were cited

_____ Review of main points included in conclusion

_____ Concluding statement was clear - presentation ended smoothly 


Content points ______


Delivery and Visual Aids                                     Comments

_____ Extemporaneous delivery

_____ Effective eye contact

_____ Vocal variety (rate, pitch, volume)

_____ Effective gestures and movement

_____ Appropriate and effective language use

_____ Effective articulation and pronunciation of words

_____ Visual aids were easily seen by the audience

_____ Visual aids provided additional information and were effective 


Delivery points ______


Presentation time ______ Total points for the presentation ______


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