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Thirty-five graduate students have served as Fellows in the UH Manoa GK-12 program. Fellows brought their research expertise to their GK-12 projects, resulting in wide variety of project topics. Please follow the links for each fellow to learn more about the fellow’s research and GK-12 projects. For some examples of Fellow projects, click here.


"When I began, it was a struggle for me to teach inquiry-based science.  Now it is almost second nature.  Preparation comes easily. I have more confidence and I have become a much more effective communicator.  I look forward to teaching people about my research.  Being a part of the GK-12 program has been life changing.  This opportunity has given me the tools and confidence to be a great teacher and mentor." Laura Dewan – GK-12 Fellow


GK-12 Project Description

Dawn Adams

Lessons on diversity and ecology of Hawaiian algae; cultural importance with high school students

Puanani Anderson-Fung

Elementary lessons on Hawaiian ethnobotany; plant anatomy and physiology

Dan Barshis

Invertebrate biology and reef ecology lessons for special education high school students

Erin Baumgartner

Fish Diversity and Behavior with middle and high school students; Ala Wai Watershed monitoring project

Gus Bodner

Linking Hawaii’s students with researchers studying the Kolea (Pacific Golden-Plover)

Sarah Burgess

Middle School lessons on evolutionary biology and genetics

Erin Cox

Studying biotic and abiotic factors that affect algal community

Toby Daley-Engel

Helping intermediate school students to understand evolution and ecology by using sharks as a model; High school genetics and forensics labs

Laura Dewan

High school AP academy larval fish biology research project; Elementary school students to monitor the watershed and understand human impacts on streams

Kanesa Duncan

High school research programs to investigate shark ecology and biology – mark recapture and energy conversion studies

Jeff Eble

Developing field-based research program for students attending an online academy

Candace Felling

Teaching elementary school students to make scientific observations and recordings of plants; teaching students about maps

Elaine Franklin

Working with Hawaii Nature Center to  develop lessons on evolutionary biology of birds to add to HNC programs

Dan Gruner

Helping high school students to better understand ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and their impacts in Hawaii in collaboration with the Hawaii Ant Group

Anuradha Gupta

Watershed use monitoring project in Manoa and Kalihi watersheds; connecting schools to community organizations to restore watersheds

Will Haines

Implementing Hō‘ike o Haleakalā, a Maui-based environmental science curriculum,  activities and lessons in high school classrooms

Alex Handler

Watershed use and monitoring and environmental stewardship; planned Waipa workshop for teachers on Kauai

Aaron Hebshi

Using elementary through high school students to monitor and become stewards of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters colonies around Kaua’i

Jenny Hoof

Teaching elementary school students to make biodiversity surveys

Katie Howard

Using intermediate school students to understand the marine and coastal ecosystem of Hawaii

Matt Knope

Working with ASSETS special needs school to conduct research investigations for science fair and school-based ecosystem monitoring

Wendy Kuntz

Introducing educators to scienfitic research and the native ecosystems at the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; no lesson plans obtained

Shelly Lammers

Working with high schools to stud plant biology and genetics

Georgina Frost (né Lillich)

Using elementary school students to monitor the watershed and understand the impacts we have on our stream

Marty Meyer

Elementary snail classroom research project; High school snail field research project

Meaghan Parker

Developing plant biology curriculum and school outreach activities with educators at Lyon Arboretum

Hector Perez

Introducing elementary through high school students to Hawaii’s Conservation Horticulture Project

Joanna Philippoff

Using high school students to document the diversity of life in Hawaii’s intertidal

Sheldon Plentovich

Teaching elementary school students about ants and impacts on Oahu’s offshore islet native ecosystems

Laura Novotny (né Rodman)

Using elementary and intermediate school students to focus on watershed health and biodiversity; no lesson plans obtained

Heather Spalding

Working with Maui schools to investigate algal biology and ecology; coordinating Ask-a-Scientist project on deep reef research cruises

Kim Tice

Coordinated Coral genetics research workshop for teachers; field ecology projects at elementary and high schools

Norine Yeung

Field ecology project at elementary school; development of bird-banding and monitoring lessons for Lyon Arboretum education program

Chela Zabin

Working with high school students to document the diversity of life in Hawaii’s intertidal

Sandra Zicus

teaching students about long-term sustainability of coastal resources

Contact Information: Dr. Kanesa Duncan, Program Coordinator;