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GK-12 Publications and Media Products

Fellows have published seventeen peer-reviewed journal articles using data from their GK-12 projects.  Publications focus on both scientific results arising from analysis of data collected as part of projects, or on the role of scientists in education.  In addition to journal articles, fellows have published articles in the popular media, have produced websites, CDs, DVDs and other videos, and have developed educational and marketing brochures.



Peer-reviewed articles

Baumgartner, E., and Zabin, C.J. (in press). A case study of project-based instruction in the 9th grade: A semester-long study of intertidal biodiversity. Environmental Education Research.

Baumgartner, E., and Zabin, C.J. (2006). Visualizing zonation patterns. The Science Teacher. 73 (6): 60-64.

Baumgartner, E., Duncan, K.D., and Handler, A.T. (2006). Student-scientist partnerships at work in Hawai‘i. Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education. 35: 72-78.

Baumgartner, E., & Zabin, C.J. (2004). Student-scientist partnerships fill multiple needs. Middle Matters, 13(2). Online at

Craig, M.T., Eble J., Robertson R., and Bowen B.  High genetic connectivity across the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the reef fish Myripristis berndti (Holocentridae).  Marine Ecological Progress Series. In review.

Daly-Engel TS, Grubbs RD, Holland KN, Toonen RJ, Bowen BW (2006) Assessment of multiple paternity in three species of carcharhinid sharks in Hawaii. Environmental Biology of Fishes, in press.

Daly-Engel TS, Grubbs RD, Bowen BW, Toonen RJ (2006) Frequency of multiple paternity in an unexploited tropical population of sandbar sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. In review

Duncan K. M. (2006) Estimation of daily energetic requirements of young scalloped hammerhead sharks. Environmental Biology of Fishes. In press (final acceptance January 2005).

Duncan K. M., A. P. Martin, B. W. Bowen, G. H. de Couet. (2006) Global phylogeography of the scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini). Molecular Ecology. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2006.02933.x

Duncan, K.M. and K.N. Holland. (2006) Habitat use, growth rates and dispersal patterns of juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) in a nursery habitat. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Vol. 312: 211–221.

Handler, A.T. and K.M. Duncan. (2006) Hammerhead shark research immersion program: Experiential learning leads to lasting educational benefits. Journal of Science Education and Technology.

Handler, A.T. and K.M. Duncan. (2006) Partnership research projects: scientists can help improve pre-college science education without compromising research goals. The Science Teacher. 73: 36-39.

Quattro J.M., D.S. Stoner, W. B. Driggers, C.A. Anderson, K.A. Priede, E.C. Hoppmann, N.H. Campbell, K.M. Duncan, J. M. Grady (2005) Genetic evidence of cryptic speciation within hammerhead sharks (Genus Sphyrna). Marine Biology. DOI: 10.1007/s00227-005-0151-x.

Meyer III, W. M. (in press). Records of rare ground-dwelling land snails on O‘ahu. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers.

Meyer III, W. M. 2006. Helicinids and endodontids alive in Hawaii! A comment on the conservation of family level land snail diversity in Hawaii. Tentacle 14: 29.

Rubinoff, D. and Haines, W.P. 2006. Hyposmocoma molluscivora Description. Science 10 March 2006 311: 1377.

Internet Sites

Video Products

Team I’iwi: Process of Science on the Island of Hawaii. DVD and CD curriculum guide developed by Big Island Teachers and Fellow Wendy Kuntz.

Science of Sharks, a 29-minute video of shark education and research filmed at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology by 21st Century Learning Inc.

Halimeda Meadows in Hawaii: Keystone species of soft benthic reef communities, a five-part video series posted on YouTube by fellow Heather Spalding to the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Research Program


Personal video, Heather Spalding

Personal video, Kanesa Duncan

Personal video, Anuradha Gupta

Personal video, Daniel Barshis

Personal Video, Kim Tice


Program Brochures

A Brighter Path: Lighting the way between science and education, 2007-2008 program brochure; includes highlights from multiple years

Exploring our world through scientific inquiry, 2008-2009 program brochure; includes information on the “Five I’s” of scientific inquiry

Contact Information: Dr. Kanesa Duncan, Program Coordinator;