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Classroom Preparation

The ability to be able to use resources to identify organisms and sample an area using authentic scientific ecological monitoring techniques are essential skills for every scientist. The scientific habits of mind developed while learning these skills, such as the ability to utilize available resources to research organism identities, will benefit all students regardless of their career aspirations. However, the task of identifying unknown organisms and sampling a strange area can be challenging, to both you and your students. We have several lessons designed to introduce your class to intertidal organisms that allow you to learn with your students. We have also developed sampling lessons that introduce this challenging concept in increments.

Suggested Order of Classroom Preparation Lessons:
More detailed curriculum suggestions can be found under "OPIHI Implementation".

OPIHI Introduction Powerpoint

Introduction to Intertidal Species Identification:

Understanding Sampling:

Picture Gallery (Lessons in action)
Authentic Scientific Sampling Workshop - Classroom Activities
Authentic Scientific Sampling Workshop - Intertidal Field Trip

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