Course Descriptions

Art 130 Introduction to Glass (3)

Basic techniques of working with cold and molten glass. Theory of glass studio operation and introduction to glass theory.

Art 230 Glass Casting: Sand & Metal Molds (3)

Expressive explorations in glass casting with wet sand, bonded sand and metal molds. Repeatable once. Pre: 130 and 116 (or concurrent); or consent.

Art 234 Cold Glass Fabrication (3)

Expressive explorations using architectural sheet glass. Development of 2D and 3D forms using engraving, sandblasting and cold joinery techniques. Pre: 113 (or concurrent), 116 (or concurrent) and 130 or consent.

Art 303 Kiln-Formed Glass (3)

Expressive explorations in the use of kiln-formed, fusible sheet glasses and enameling on glass. Pre: 234 or consent. (Fall only)

Art 306 Lost Wax Glass Casting (3)
Glass kiln-casting techniques, lost-wax fuse casting, pāte de verre. Repeatable once. Pre: 230, 254, and 356 (or concurrent); or consent.
Art 330 Advanced Glass (3)
Glass as an expressive medium. Individual problems, construction of studio equipment. Readings and discussions of contemporary glass issues. Repeatable once. Pre: 230, 254 and 356; or consent.
Art 430 Advanced Glass II (3)
Advanced study in glass leading to the development, installation and documentation of individual projects. Pre: 330 or consent.

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