Visiting Artist Program

Spring 1996

Therman Statom. “Aha Hana Lima” Hawaii Craftsmen 3 Day workshop.

Jamie Carpenter, New York, New York. 1 Day Slide Lecture/Group Critique.

Fall 1996

Judy Jensen. Hawaii Craftsmen Public Slide Lecture.

Martin Blank, Seattle, Washington. 5 Day Demo, Slide Lecture.

Spring 1995

Lino Tagliapietra, Venice, Italy. 1 Day Demo and discussion

Spring 1994

Will Stokes, Stanwood, Washington. “Aha Hana Lima” Hawaii Craftsmen 5 day Workshop

Fall 1993

Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick, Seattle, Washington. 5 Day Workshop, Public Slide Lecture.

George Beasley, University of Georgia, Atlanta. Sculpture Program 10 Day Workshop on Iron Casting, Public Slide Lecture.

Spring 1992

Richard Marquis, Noble Effort Studio, Freeland, Washington and Dante Marioni. 5 Day Workshop, Public Slide Lecture.

Summer 1992

Bertile Valien, Sweden. “Aha Hana Lima” Hawaii Craftsmen 5 Day Workshop.

Fall 1992

Dale Chihuly and a Seattle Team, Martin Blank, Charlie Parriott and Joe Rossano. 3 Day Team Blowing and Painting Demonstration, Show in Commons Gallery.

Spring 1991

William Morris, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington. 5 Day Workshop.

David Hopper. “Aha Hana Lima” Hawaii Craftsmen 3 Day Workshop.

Italo Scanga, San Diego, California. 5 Day Workshop.

Janice Miltenberger. Slide Lecture, ½ Day Demonstration.

Summer 1990

Chris Bird Jones, Royal College of Art, London. 2 Week Workshop – “Sculptural Cold Fabrication in Glass”

Spring 1990

Pike Powers, Parsons School of Design. “Aha Hana Lima”


Charlie Correll, Correll Glass Studio, Conway, Massachusetts. Glass Blowing Demonstration, Furnace Construction.

Scott Chaseling. Australia “Jam Factory”. Slide Lecture.

Tim Shaw, Royal College of Art, London. Slide Lecture and Glass Blowing Demonstration.


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