Thank you for your support of the Hawai'i Center for AIDS. Your generous contribution helps those who are in need of effective treatment. Without the investment in research there would be no effective therapies.



About us

The Hawaii Center for AIDS (HICFA), formally known as the Hawaii AIDS Clinical Research Program (HACRP), includes the Hawaii AIDS Clinical Trial Unit (HACTU), several specialized laboratories, an HIV clinic, and international collaborations.

Our Mission:

  • Conduct clinical and translational research to evaluate optimal therapies for HIV infection and AIDS-associated complications
  • Conduct basic science research to increase our understanding of HIV and its complications
  • Provide access to clinical trials for the HIV populations in Hawaii
  • Facilitate the transfer or research findings to clinical care to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV
  • Provide a forum for HIV education for medical students, residents, graduate students, domestic and international community care providers
  • Care of HIV-infected patients through the Clint Spencer Clinic

Please call us at the number listed below or email us if you have any questions, or if you are interested in joining one of our trials.

  • Tel# (808) 692-1310 
  • Email:

HICFA Functions

The Hawaii Center for AIDS has many functions, including educational presentations, clinical research and medical services.

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Hawaii AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (HACTU)

The Hawaii AIDS Clinical Trials Unit was established in 1990 as a unit of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG).
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The Clint Spencer Clinic

The Clint Spencer Clinic (CSC) is a multi-speciality clinic focusing on the care of individuals infected with HIV and its complications.
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Laboratory Research

HICFA participates in many different HIV research topics. Click the link below to see some of these topics.
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International Research Programs

South East Asia Research Collaboration with Hawaii- Thailand (SEARCH) and Hawaii Vietnam AIDS Research Program (VHARP).
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Hawaii Center for AIDS
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