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HICFA Current Research

Welcome to the Hawaii Center for AIDS (HICFA), research page. Check here for updates on our current research as well as publications from some of our Doctors and researchers.

Current Research:

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The main topics of current research are as follows:

Pub-med papers

Below are links to the PubMed database from the National Library of Medicine to jornal article references on HIV research by the HCA staff. The bibliography is a representative list of HIV related publications by the researcher and is not meant to be a comprehensive listing.

Please select the researcher's name to view the article references.

Dominic Chow
Mariana Gerschenson
Silvia Ratto-Kim
Cecilia Shikuma
Bruce Shiramizu
Beau Nakamoto
Kalpana Kallianpur
Eric Kajioka
Heath Chung
Jason Barbour
Thuy Le