UH System Work Plan

UH campus and system teams were asked to identify large scale/high impact strategies, develop tactics necessary to implement the strategies, and prioritize next steps. Teams are currently moving forward on implementing their plans.


March 2015 EDI Consultation – Block Schedluing
March 2015 EDI Consultation – HGI System Team
June 2013 Work Plan Update
  • Updated media campaign for 15 to Finish to include student testimonials.
  • Looking at financial aid data and revamping the B+ scholarship requirements.
  • Reviewing the awarding and timing process for the Regents and Presidential scholarships.
  • Supporting the four-year campuses with their development of academic maps.
  • Discussing activities focused on transfer students; will gather a group from the campuses to explore (UHF also working on a scholarships focused on transfer).
  • Supporting the four-year campuses with their student success strategies (EDI consultations).
  • Working on revising the performance outcomes for 2015-2020.
June 2013 EDI Consultation
Feb. 2013 Abele/Navia Consultation
Jan. 2013 Abele/Navia Consultation Visit
Oct. 2012 Summit II, Oct. 2012 (.pdf)