UH West Oʻahu Work Plan

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UH campus and system teams were asked to identify large scale/high impact strategies, develop tactics necessary to implement the strategies, and prioritize next steps. Teams are currently moving forward on implementing their plans.


December 2013 Work Plan Update

  • Implementing GradesFirst, an early warning alert system, with 16 faculty for Spring 2014.
  • Implemented standing meetings with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs leadership every 2-3 weeks to discuss campus issues (e.g., lack of student engagement) and explore solutions.
  • Developing math and English courses with supplemental instruction and tutoring.
  • Retention committee actively gathering data and launched a Leavers Survey in November to get a better understanding of why students are leaving UHWO.
October 2013 EDI Consultation

June 2013 Work Plan Update

  • Offering block scheduling for freshmen
  • Implementing Grades First as an intrusive advising system for freshmen (plan to implement for fall 2013)
  • Working on completing academic maps (two divisions have already completed them)
June 2013 EDI Consultation


“Delivery 101″ Handouts

Feb. 2013 Student Success Workshop Follow Up

Jan. 2013 Abele/Navia Consultation Visit

Student Success Workshop, Jan 30,2013

Academic Maps

Campus Data

Oct. 2012 Summit II (pdf)