Educational Rate for Statewide Dial-Up
Service For Individuals

In July 1997 Hawaii Online/GST signed a contract to provide STATEWIDE dial-up Internet services (PPP, Shell, personal email, news and reliable access to uhunix, Makani, etc.) to individuals in Hawaii's public education and research arenas.

The charge for unlimited access for individuals is $14.85/month or you can subscribe at an annual rate with a one-time payment of $163.40 (that's $13.62/month). This service is NOW available at this SINGLE subscriber rate STATEWIDE (i.e. the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii).

As the Preferred Service Provider to the affiliates of the Hawaii Educational Networking Consortium (HENC is a program supported by the DOE, UH and East-West Center) we believe that Hawaii Online/GST is committed to providing a high-level of service at an exceptional rate (as compared to other local and national Internet Serice Providers). Those individuals eligible for this service need to be affiliated with one of the three HENC Members, they are defined as:

Department of Education, State of Hawaii:

  • Members of the Board of Education.
  • All employees of the DOE.
  • All students enrolled in any DOE school, including Adult Education.
  • East-West Center:

  • Members of EWC Board of Governors.
  • All employees of EWC.
  • All EWC grantees.
  • Members of EWC Alumni Association.
  • Members of EWC Foundation and EWC Friends.
  • University of Hawaii System:

  • Members of the Board of Regents.
  • All employees of UH, RCUH and UH Foundation.
  • All students enrolled full-time or part-time for credit, and students enrolled in
    certificate programs.
  • Members of UH Alumni Association.
  • Members of UH Foundation Clubs including: Founders Club,
    President's Club and Heritage Society.

  • Please consider taking advantage of this excellent offer. For more on-line information or to subscribe via the WWW (and potentially save yourself a $20.00 setup charge) go to:

    or email:

    If you'd like to subscribe via telephone call Hawaii Online customer service:

    On Oahu: (808) 791-3000

    On other islands: 1-800-733-5638