Telecommunication Legislation and Regulation

The Public Utilities Commission opened a docket in 1993 relating to the Hawaii's telecommunications infrastructure. Telecommunications providers and prospective providers, as well as major users including the State of Hawaii, Department of Education, University of Hawaii and Hawaii Public Broadcasting Authority, participated in hearings on the docket. In January 1995 the PUC collected additional user input at Hawaii Information Congress '95. Input collected from the 175 attendees of the conference (identified as the state's heaviest users) provided both the Legislature and the PUC with additional decision-making data. The PUC Administrative Rules were issued in 1996 and Docket 7702 continues today.

If your looking for information relating to Federal Legislation click here to link to the Thomas site.

Information relating to the Federal Communications Commission can be found at the FCC site.

An excellent resource of telecommunications related information can be found at the University of Michigan.

During the last week in February 1995 the G7 International Conference met in Brussels to discuss global information. While much was said, here is one important (and ageless) message of the conference that carries a tone to which HENC adheres.

Up to the minute federal government information is available via today's Federal Register.

Other Telecommunications Activities, Sites and Readings

A local sparkling jewel of international telecommunications activities can be reached by contacting the Pacific Telecommunications Council.

Benton Foundation is located in Washington D.C. and has an on-going working relationship with nonprofit organizations and strives to gain an effective voice for social change through the emerging communications environment. Check out the Benton Foundation's work relating to communications policy.

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