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Policy Reports

Title Author(s) Date

A Policy History of Standards-based Education Reform in Hawaii,(22 pp, 238 KB, PDF)

Boyce Brown, CRDG May 13, 2009
New Report

Standards-based Education Reform in the United States since "A Nation at Risk",(24 pp, 254 KB, PDF)

Boyce Brown, CRDG June 1, 2009
New Report

Report To The Legislature On Senate Concurrent Resolution 118 Sd1 Hd1 - Improving The Community'S Understanding Of The Department Of Education'S Programs And School Expenses Including A Comparison With Other States On Adequacy Of Funds, [EXECUTIVE SUMMARY under POLICY BRIEFS ALSO AVAILABLE],(31 pp, 1.3 MB, PDF)

HEPC and UHM College of Social Science Public Policy Center Dec 2008
New Report
Interim Report to the Legislature on Senate Concurrent Resolution 56 S.D. 1 Requesting the HEPC to Report on the Retention and Change in Assignment of Teachers within the Department of Education,(23 pp, 423 KB, PDF) Teacher Education Work Force Research Group (TEWFRG) Jan 2008
Middle Level Grade Configuration: Impact on Hawai‘i’s Schools, [EXECUTIVE SUMMARY under POLICY BRIEFS ALSO AVAILABLE],(66 pp, 197 KB, PDF) Valere McFarland Nov 2007

Hawaii Department of Education Survey on Education for Military Families in Hawaii,(63 pp, 2.15 MB, PDF) Kathleen F. Berg, Amanda A. M. Quijano, Thomas G. Gans Nov 2007
Junior Kindergarten Pilot Program Evaluation 2005-2006, [EXECUTIVE SUMMARY under POLICY BRIEFS ALSO AVAILABLE], (93 pp, 619 KB, PDF) Donna Grace and Barbara D. DeBaryshe Nov 2006
Faculty, Attitude, Adoption, and Application of Technology in Higher Education: Implications for Distance Education Policy, [POLICY BRIEF ALSO AVAILABLE], (75 pp, 538 KB, PDF) Linda K. Johnsrud, Violet H. Harada, Lynn N. Tabata Dec 2005
From the Capitol to the Classroom, Year 3 of the No Child Left Behind Act (228 pp, 1.5 MB, PDF) Original available at http://www.ctredpol.org/pubs/nclby3/ Center on Education Policy March 2005

Reinventing Education (Act 51) Reports

  1. Implementing the Reinventing Education Act of 2004, (2 pp, 70K, PDF) , Sep 2004
  2. Single School Calendar for Hawaii's Public School, (2 pp, 74K, PDF), Oct 2004
  3. Changes in Education Management, (2 pp, 65K, PDF), Jan 2005
  4. Act 51 Requires Change, (2 pp, 65K, PDF), Dec 2004
  5. Weighted Student Formula, (2 pp, 66K, PDF), Feb 2005
  6. Principal Discretionary Budget Control, (2 pp, 66K, PDF), Mar 2005
  7. Does the Principal as CEO Analogy Work?, (2 pp, 66K, PDF), Mar 2005
Ruth Tschumy Sep 2004 to Mar 2005
Charter School Facts 2004, (2 pp, 75K, PDF)  

November 2004

Estimating the New Marginal Costs of No Child Left Behind in Hawaii (48 pp, 422K, PDF) Robert M. Palaich, John Augenblick, Justin Silverstein July 2004
The Impact of Collective Bargaining Legislation on Charter Schools in Hawaii: One State's Story [POLICY BRIEF ALSO AVAILABLE],(43 pp, 203K, PDF) Robert Fox and Nina K. Buchanan June 2004
Costing Out No Child Left Behind, A Nationwide Survey of Costing Efforts (56 pp, 503K, PDF) Dianne Kaplan deVries, Robert M. Palaich, John Augenblick April 2004

Do the Arts Matter? A Review of the Links Between Student Involvement in the Arts and Academic Success in School (14 pp, 88 K, PDF)
no author May 2004
Development, Validation and Field Testing of Readiness Instruments: Schools Ready for Children and Children Ready for School(83 pp, 764K, PDF) Betsy Brandt and Donna Grace March 2004
Adoption of A Student Weighted Formula for Funding Hawai‘i's Public Schools: Policy Issues, (27 pp, 132K, PDF) no author October 2003
A Handbook on Maximizing the Effectiveness of Education Boards as Policy Makers , (33 pp, 166K, PDF) no author October 2003
Should Hawaii Create Autonomous Local Education Agencies?, (24 pp, 142K, PDF) no author January 2003
CITIZEN'S PRIMER: Just the Facts...A Citizen's Primer on Hawai‘i K-12 Public Education, (24 pp, 280K, PDF) no author January 2003
Quality of Faculty Worklife - University of Hawai‘i [POLICY BRIEF ALSO AVAILABLE], (35 pp, 1.59MB, PDF) Linda K. Johnsrud and Jocelyn M. Surla October 2002
Satisfaction of Upper-Division Students & Dropouts at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa [POLICY BRIEF ALSO AVAILABLE], (95 pp, 959K, PDF) Scott L. Thomas August 2002
Ready for Success In Kindergarten — A Comparative Analysis of Community Beliefs: Preschool and Kindergarten Parents, Teachers, and Administrators [POLICY BRIEF ALSO AVAILABLE], (114 pp, 608K, PDF) Stephanie Feeney, Donna Grace, Mary E. Brandt December 2001

Feasibility, Benefits, and Costs of Establishing a Comprehensive, Linked K-16 Database in the State of Hawai‘i, (82 pp, 999K, PDF)

Scott L. Thomas November 2001
Implementing the New Hawai‘i Health Content Standards: Issues in Teacher Education, Professional Development, & Employment Practices, (7 pp, 78K, PDF) Mary E. Pateman September 2001
K-12 General-Education Teachers' Voluntary Resignations from the Hawai‘i Department of Education: Demographics, Reasons for Leaving, Dissatisfactions, and Suggestions for Improvement, (21 pp, 216K, PDF) Paul Brandon October 2000


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