Hawai`i Educational Research Association

37th Annual Conference
University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Campus Center
Date: Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sponsored by
Curriculum Research & Development Group

Featuring Keynote Presentations, Symposia & Papers
including the
2015 HERA Distinguished Paper Award Winner


Regular Registration
up to January 14, 2015

4:00 pm HST

Late Registration
after January 14, 2015
4:00 pm HST

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Keynote Speaker:

Paul LeMahieu

Senior Vice President, Programs and Administration
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

PAUL LAMAHIEU is the senior vice president of the Carnegie Foundation, where he manages the programs and administration of the Foundation. Previously at Carnegie, he directed the work of the Carnegie Hub, which supports the networks the Foundation will convene to engage problems of education practice in the field. Carnegie is currently building a networked community working on the development of two newly designed mathematics pathways to address the dismal failure rates of developmental math students in community colleges.

LeMahieu was the former director of research and evaluation at the National Writing Project (NWP) in Berkeley. He has also served as superintendent of education for the state of Hawai’i, and has held the top educational research position for the state of Delaware and the Pittsburgh Public Schools. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, a masters from Harvard University and a bachelors from Yale.



— Hawai‘i Educational Research Association—


8:00a – 8:15a
Registration and Morning Refreshments

8:15a – 8:45a

Plenary Session
Introduction of Conference Sponsors
     HERA Officers and Board of Directors
     CRDG Representative(s)
     2015 Peter Dunn-Rankin Graduate Student Waiver Recipients

     2015 Distinguished Paper Award

8:45a – 10:00a

Keynote Address:
Networked communities engaged in Improvement Science:  How we can get better at getting better
Paul G. LeMahieu

10:00a – 10:15a
Refreshment Break

10:15a – 11:15a

Session I for Presentations and Symposia

11:15a – 11:30a

11:30a – 12:30p
Session II for Presentations and Symposia
12:30p – 1:15p



1:15p – 2:00p
Poster Session

1:30p – 2:15p
Refreshments available

2:15p – 3:15p

Session III for Presentations and Symposia

 3:30p – 4:30p
HERA Membership Meeting
     Election of 2015 Officers and Board of Directors

Conference Fees (subject to change)

Regular Registration
up to January 14, 2015

4:00 pm HST

Late Registration
after January 14, 2015
4:00 pm HST

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2015 Peter Dunn-Rankin Graduate Student Waiver Program
Up to 5 available

The Peter Dunn-Rankin Graduate Student Waiver program is geared to encourage graduate students whose goals are to contribute to educational research in Hawai‘i. Graduate students need not be members of a school or college of education. Students from all disciplines are welcome. Up to five total waivers will be awarded on January 5, 2015 for registration to the 2015 HERA Conference.

Criteria for Graduate Student

* Must be at least a half-time student in good standing at any institution of higher education.
* Student is responsible for own membership fee ($10).
* Must submit a personal statement by 4pm HST, December 23, 2014.
* Be reachable via email on January 5, 2015 for notification of waiver award.
* Accept award by January 6, 2015.
* Become a member of or renew 2015 membership to HERA.
* Can not have been a Dunn-Rankin Graduate Student waiver recipient in the past two years.

Personal Statement Guidelines

Craft a personal statement no more than 500 words and submit the statement to herainfo@hawaii.edu by December 23, 2014. Acceptable formats for the documents are .doc, .rtf, .pdf or pasted into the email. Please address the following two guiding questions in the personal statement:
1. What do you consider the biggest challenges in Hawaii's educational system?
2. How do you envision HERA can positively contribute to policy, practice, accountability, assessment, etc. in education?

Please direct all questions to herainfo@hawaii.edu, or call Truc Nguyen at 808-956-6507 or Kathy Berg at 808-956-4952.


Conference fees include refreshments and lunch, if received before our lunch reservation deadline of January 9, 2015 at 4pm HST. Registration after January 9, 2015 carries no guarantee of lunch. For more information, write to herainfo@hawaii.edu, or call Kathleen Berg 808-956-4952 or Truc Nguyen 808-956-6507.

You may cancel or transfer your registration by January 23, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. HST. Cancellations after January 23, 2015 and no-shows are subject to a $30 processing fee. Please note that a late processing fee of $10 per registrant will be applied for all unpaid registrations on January 23, 2015 at 4pm.

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