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Histotechniques and Histology of the Anthozoa

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8:00 Welcome to HIMB - Leong  Introduction to the Course - Aeby, Price, Peters Qualitative and Quantitative Field Methods - Aeby Basic Anatomy and Histology of the Anthozoa - Peters Change decal First group  puts on tissue (8 - 1), then goes to microtomes. Third group embeds; microtomy practice or slide reading Microtomy practice or slide reading Staining - Price Boat trip to northern Kanehoe Bay for snorkeling Slide reading: course samples - Peters Students leave
8:30 Discuss processing (if not covered earlier);  microtomy.  
9:00 Microtomy lecture  
10:30 Hawaiian Marine Habitats and Anthozoans - Aeby  Kanehoe Bay Story - Cox Wash Helly's fixed tissues Post fixation procedures: enrobing, decalcification, cutting, orientation, processing. Slide reading: comparative aspects - Peters Histopathology of Pacific Anthozoans - Work Introduction to Histopathology - Peters Staining - general and special - and coverslipping Staining - Price Slide reading: course samples - Peters  
11:30 Aeby continued  
1:00 Fixation and Collection damage and orientation - Price Snorkel to collect qualitative and quantitative field data - Aeby, Peters (species IDs, transect comparisons) Comparative Histology of Anthozoans - Peters Check decal progress, change, trim, wash, store, etc. Second group puts tissue on (2-7) Microtomy practice or slide reading Free time  Staining - Price   Slide reading: course samples - Peters  
2:00 Snorkel: qualitative obs.;  collect specimens for fixation  Slide reading: Pacific anthozoans - Work    
3:30 Lab work on enrobing, decal, cutting Fun snorkel for exercise? Microtomy practice or slide reading Fun snorkel for exercise? Staining - Price CATCH UP TIME Course Wrap-up - Aeby, Price, Peters  
5:00 Tissues put into fixatives    
5:30                 End of Course Potluck Dinner  
7:00 Fixation of Anthozoan Tissues - Price Guest speaker Jean Kenyon, Methods of Field Assessment Analysis of Field Data - Aeby (teams work on their data sets, discussion) Guest speaker Ginger Garrison, African Dust Hypothesis Second group embeds; then sections Diseases of Anthozoans - Peters Microtomy OR slide reading CATCH UP TIME Slide reading: course samples - Peters  
9:00 Put tissues on to wash Third group puts tissue on  (overnight)    
  Change decal              


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