2002 Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program in Marine Biology

Molecular Biology of Corals

June - August, 2002

2002 Pauley Summer Program Group

The Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program in Marine Biology has been supported by the Pauley Foundation since 1983 when the first program featured Coral Reef Population Biology. In 2002, we again concentrated on Coral Reefs with the topic, “Molecular Biology of Corals.” The program hosted 17 students including a teacher from the Hawai‘i Department of Education, a student from Pomona College in Claremont, California, and two undergraduate students from the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (BRIN) program at Windward Community College.

We thank the Pauley Foundation for their generous and continuing support of this summer program. The Pauley funds helped support travel for the faculty participants and the students who had been selected from a large pool of applicants. The Department of Education supported one teacher and the BRIN program supported the two undergraduate students. We thank also the Division of Aquatic Resources and the Hawai‘i Coral Reef Initiative. Without their support, we would not have been able to offer some of the modern molecular biological laboratory experiments.

By all accounts, the 2002 Summer Program on Molecular Biology of Corals was a real success. The student project reports are included in the program report and the preliminary data have already led to full papers and grant proposal submissions. The Pauley Summer Program fosters research experience and long term collaborative studies, all important components of the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology.

Jo-Ann Leong
Director, Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology
April 14, 2003



Dr. Dan Brazeau, University of New York, Buffalo, USA
Dr. Fenny Cox, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
Dr. Sophie Dove, University of Queensland, Australia
Dr. Ruth Gates, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Dr. Bob Kinzie, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
Dr. Dave Krupp, Windward Community College, USA
Dr. Todd LaJeunesse, University of Georgia, USA
Dr. Jo-Ann Leong, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
Dr. Michael Lesser, University of New Hampshire, USA
Dr. Teresa Lewis, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
Dr. Carys Mitchelmore, University of Maryland, USA
Dr. Deb Shearman, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
Dr. Virginia Weis, Oregon State University, USA



Amy Apprill, University of California, San Diego, USA
Maria Guadalupe Barba Santos, Unidad Academica Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Neil Bertrando, Pomona College, USA
Ranjeet Bhagooli, University of Mauritius
Laura Duffy, Kamehameha Schools
Jean-Francois Flot, University Denis Diderot, France
Tassilo Forg, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Sean Griffin, University of Puerto Rico
Laura Hauck, Oregon State University
Lea Hollingworth, Windward Community College
Anna Kolesar, Duquesne University
Andrea Lanigan, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Monica Lins de Barros, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janiero, Brazli
Vernon Sakamoto, Windward Community College
Dan Thornhill, University of Georgia
Jill Torregiani, University of New Hampshire



Cox EF, Lewis TD eds. (2003) Molecular biology of corals: Results of the 2002 Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program in Marine Biology. HIMB Technical Report 43. Kaneohe, Hawaii. 107 pp. (Download HIMB Technical Report 43)



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Pauley Program Faculty First of the invited researchers: Dan Brazeau, Todd LaJeunesse, and Michael Lesser.

Dr. LaJeunesse and students Todd LaJeunesse explaining lab procedures; in the background: Dr. Teresa Lewis, students Andrea Lanigan, Mayuki Fujiwara, Laura Hauck, Laura Duffy and Dan Thornhill.

Seminar Students in the classroom setting.

Fungia spawning

First summer coral spawning event:  mushroom coral (Fungia scutaria).

Conant seminar

Dr. Sheila Conant provided one of our informal Tuesday evening seminars on the ecology and evolution of the Laysan finch.


Fluorescent pigments in the orange cup coral (Tubastrea coccinea).

Please send any scanned photos from this Pauley Summer Program to erik.franklin@hawaii.edu.



A list of publications that directly or indirectly resulted from scientific concepts, training, or research experiences during the Pauley Summer Program.

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