HIMB Confocal Facility Policies

(updated 08/07/2013)


         Before using the scope you must be trained at one of the introductory courses or individually by a technician. Please contact Amy Eggers at 236-7462 or aeggers@Hawaii.edu for more information.


         New users must accumulate 10 hrs of use with a technologist present (charged @ $25/hr) to be certified for independent operation of the instrument.


         Prepare samples ahead of time. Please, no gloves inside the confocal facility.


         Before starting to scan samples, please log in to the log book located next to the scope, indicating user name, PI, start time, lasers to be used, epifluorescent lamp time (if used), incubator components (if used), and ending time.

         Save all files to the D drive in a folder labeled with the userís name. Please back up files onto a CD or DVD when done. The Confocal Facility is not responsible for storage of image files. Files older than one month may be subject to deletion.


         To prevent computer viruses from infecting the workstation, USB port flash memory devices should not be used.


         The ZEN 2009 (lsm) format files can be viewed on any PC using ZEN 2009 LE software which can be downloaded free from the Zeiss website.