Facilities, Resources, and Instrumentation at HIMB

Researchers from the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology have year-round access to Kane‘ohe Bay and its tropical marine waters. Protected by an extensive barrier reef system, the bay's estuarine and coral reef ecosystems support a rich and diverse biota. Outside the barrier reef, pelagic species and open ocean waters 1000 meters deep are within 6 km of Coconut Island. At HIMB, the following facilities and resources are available:

Outside view of the main lab, showing two of our research vessels.

Outside view of the main lab, showing our research vessels.

Submitting a Request for Use of HIMB Facilities

If you have already contacted an HIMB faculty member about conducting research on Coconut Island and would like to submit a request for housing or research facilities, please download the PDF forms below. Instructions for submission can be found on the form.

  1. Visitor Waiver PDF
    For all non-University of Hawai‘i affiliated visitors.
    (Please contact your HIMB sponsor to submit a visitor waiver form prior to arrival.)
  2. Housing Application PDF (updated 11/03/2015 )
    For researchers/students wishing to stay on Coconut Island during their research term
  3. Research Facilities Application PDF (updated 11/03/2015 )
    For researchers/students wishing to use HIMB facilities during their research term.


HIMB is equipped to provide classroom, laboratory and dormitory space for University of Hawai'i and visiting researchers. Please visit our Housing for visiting scientists and students for more information on doing research at Coconut Island.