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Island Life

Area Maps

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Coconut Island is situated in the direct flight path of the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. The noise from aircraft taking off and landing can be considerable, though plane traffic is sporadic and rare in the evenings.


The closest swimming beach is Kailua Beach Park in Kailua, approximately 30 minutes away.

Collecting Permit and Vertebrate Animal Use

A scientific collecting permit is required for any researcher to collect aquatic life or use fishing gear which is otherwise prohibited. The guidelines for application and application form are available as PDF files. Please contact your sponsor for more information.

If your research at HIMB involves the use of vertebrate animals, please contact your sponsor before arrival to discuss obtaining the proper training and animal use protocol approvals. For general information on the University of Hawai'i animal use program, please visit their website.

Computers and Pauley-Pagan Library

Pauley Lab Library Pauley Lab Library Computer Workstations

There are computers for general use in the Pauley-Pagan Library. These computers have a variety of software programs. Visitors will require a password, please e-mail the HIMB computer tech for assistance ( Please yield computers to HIMB researchers trying to do work.

The University maintains strict guidelines for acceptable computer usage; please visit their website for details.

File sharing is strictly prohibited.

The Lanai Suites, library, and many of the dorms are equipped with wireless connections. The student residents have a limited number of wireless cards to loan out. A deposit of $75 is required.

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Kane‘ohe / Shopping

Several grocery stores, restaurants, a mall, a movie theater, drugstores, and other shops are located on the corner of Lilipuna Road and Kamehameha Hwy, approximately a 30min walk from Lilipuna Pier. There is no shuttle service between Lilipuna Pier and shopping (see Transportation below). For a map of the area and suggested restaurants, see the Kane‘ohe Map.


Pauley Classroom Kitchen Pauley Classroom Kitchen Seating Area

Each dorm building is equipped with its own kitchen. Guests in the Lanai Suites can use the Pauley Classroom Kitchen or Beach House. Please wash your dishes regularly and cover your food: it is amazing how quickly ants and other insects can find your leftovers in Hawai‘i.

If using a communal fridge, please label your items with name and date. At the end of your stay, please either give your food to another person or throw it out Food items should not be left in the fridge or cabinets.


Clean sheets and a towel will be given to you at the beginning of your stay if not provided, please call 808-391-7158. Please stuff these in your pillowcase and leave them on your bed at the end of your stay.

Laundry facilities

Two washers and a dryer are located across from the Lanai Suites. Bring your own detergent. Please do not cut in line. If someone's wash is done, please move it to the dryer. If the dryer is done, please fold these clothes before putting in your own.

Leave Boat Option

The leave boat is a boat reserved for people staying on the island for an extended period of time and may be signed out and left on the Lilipuna Pier side for returns outside of normal boat operation hours (ie. after 10pm). The requesting person must be checked out for HIMB boat operations and boat towing, as well as by the resident boat drivers for leave boat use. If more than one person requests the boat on the same night, the first person returning must shuffle the boat back to Lilipuna for use by later persons (via towing the boat back to Lilipuna behind another boat, returning to Coconut Island in the second boat). This can be a bit tricky, especially in windy conditions, and should be practiced before having to do it at night.

NOTE: As of November 20, 2005, anyone operating HIMB boats must have a Coast Guard-recognized boating certification. Please contact the HIMB Marine Safety Office (; phone: 808-348-7342) for details or questions about equivalent certifications.

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Life Jackets

If you are bringing children under the age of 13 to the island, they are required by law to wear a life jacket. This applies to children who are going to be staying on the island as well as those just visiting for a few hours. The HIMB shuttle boat carries a limited number of juvenile life jackets, but if possible please provide your own. HIMB does not have any infant life jackets; please supply your own. Compliance with this law is mandatory.

Mail / Copy Machine

Stamped mail may be sent from the mailroom in the back of the main office of the main lab. Depending on the duration of your visit, please have your faculty sponsor introduce you to the office staff to arrange for a personal mailbox. Mail can also be sent to you in the care of (c/o) your sponsor.

Mailing address:

There are photocopy and fax machines in the office. Please see the office staff if interested.


Parking is limited in the Lilipuna Pier parking lot. Visitors are allowed to park in the double-parked stalls at the base of the hillside, and in the parallel parking stalls on the hill. If you are the second (blocking) car in the double-parked stalls, note the stall number and HANG UP your keys in the appropriate slot in the key box at the end of the pier. You will need to obtain a parking hang tag for your vehicle and a gate access code (applications available in the office) or get a temporary pass from security.

Driving directions to Coconut Island are available on our “Directions” page.

Visitor parking is currently located at Windward Mall in Kane‘ohe. with shuttle van service to Lilipuna Pier.


There are no phones in any of the dorms or the Lanai Suites. The Pauley Classroom building and Pauley-Pagan Library have phones. Phone cards for long distance are sold at a drugstore within walking distance (see Kaneohe). Dial “9” first.

Research / Residential Sides of Coconut Island

On the Coconut Island Map you will find the research and residential sides of the island labeled. The research side of the island is where the main labs are located and where most of the staff, researchers, and visitors are located during the day. The residential side of the island has mostly dorms and residences. Please restrict recreational activities to the residential side of the island. Also, please keep noise levels to a minimum around dorms and residences at night (10pm to 8am).

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Visiting researchers hoping to incorporate SCUBA into their research programs should visit the University of Hawai‘i’s Diving Safety Program’s home page and contact Dave Pence, the University of Hawai‘i diving safety officer (Phone 808-956-6420; Fax 808-956-6952; E-Mail for certification procedures. Scientific SCUBA requirements are substantial so it is suggested you contact the diving safety program well in advance of your intended stay. The University of Hawai‘i is an AAUS-certified institution.

Dive Flags

Whenever snorkeling or diving in the bay and around the island, it is important to carry a dive flag with you for safety reasons. Dive flags are located with the life jackets in a room with double green doors located to the left of the stairs (looking towards to bay) on the ground floor of the main lab.


Coconut Island has 24-hour security. Security can be reached at (808) 391-7170.


We encourage all groups staying on island to schedule a tour to learn about HIMB’s history and current research projects. Please contact the Community Education Program for more information ( or 808-235-9302).


There is no public transportation from Lilipuna Pier. Oahu’s bus system (“TheBus”) stops at the intersections of Kamahamaha Highway and Lilipuna Road. Please visit their website for current schedules and route information.

Vending Machine

There are vending machines located in the Dinning Room of the Pauley Classroom Bldg. Coconut Island Map. Proceeds fund a graduate student travel account.


If you plan to bring visitors to the island, you must fill out a Visitor Report Form at least three days prior to the visit date. All visitors must fill out a Waiver/Release form. These forms are available in the office. If some of the visitors will be children, please read the section on life jackets.


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