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    Community Programs

    Equally important to the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) is community interest in the science being done in Hawaiian waters and their understanding of its relevance to marine conservation and scientific research. HIMB’s strength in developing outreach has come through collaborative partnerships with the surrounding communities; these collaborations have resulted in our program reaching over 27,000 people since 2007. HIMB reaches out to the community at public events such as fairs, concerts and through organized courses such as our continuing education course run through Windward Community College.


    Marine biology doesn’t stop for dark. Join us for a very special chance to stay at a marine biology research station overnight. Participants will tour the research facility upon arrival and learn about science being conducted across the Hawaiian Archipelago. Included are visits to a shark research lagoon and our touch table. In the evening, we go more in depth with one of our night labs. Then, bed down field camp style in your tent, or inquire about the Lanai Suites for visiting researchers. For scheduling, costs and details, contact us at

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