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    Special Programs

    Since 2005, HIMB has been developing and delivering hands-on learning opportunities through the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Research Partnership. By using informal education, we bring marine sciences into both classrooms and communities throughout Hawai‘i. Place-based and experiential education has successfully combined marine science concepts with hands-on activities, using interdisciplinary approaches that combine science with the arts and other disciplines. We encourage collaboration and participation in school and community events when we can. While we cannot guarantee staff participation, if you are interested in having one of our education staff participate in a career day, community event or classroom visit please feel free to contact us. We evaluate participation based on availability on a case by case basis.

    Boy Scout Oceanography Merit Badge Overnight – This special version of our Marine Science Overnight also confers the Oceanography Merit Badge upon eligible scouts. What is the difference between storm surge and a tsunami? Can you surf either? If you were a researcher on the remote Midway Atoll, and a tsunami was approaching, would the marine geology of the atoll matter? Scouts will easily answer these questions and more after this program. They also make and use their own plankton nets during the night plankton lab. For scheduling, costs and details, contact us at

    Outreach and Workshops – we provide outreach talks and programs as staffing is available to a wide variety of events and programs. We also host teacher or educator workshops on a variety of topics. For scheduling, costs and details, contact us at