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    Hands-On Labs

    Plankton and Invasive Seaweed Investigations – Have your students spent a day as a marine biologist? If not, we can offer them the opportunity to do so. Begin the day on our research vessel the Honu Kai with a trip across Kāne‘ohe Bay. Students will deploy and retrieve a plankton net as well as learn about reef ecology as they cruise along living coral reefs. Upon landing at the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology, students will be divided into teams to take a turn at a microscopy lab in the Marine Science Learning Center, identifying the plankton from the bay, and carryout field work though an applied ecology lab. Here they will sort through invasive seaweed samples, identifying a wide variety of native and non-native invertebrates. The program finishes with a mini-tour of the island including a stop at a shark research lagoon to learn about their movement patterns across the entire Hawaiian Archipelago. Through these programs students will gain an understanding of science processes and build a sense of stewardship. To find out more or sign up for this program, please contact us.

    Marine Science Overnight – Want the full experience? Real marine biologists don’t stop for dark. Have your students become marine scientists on our overnight program. Participants will tour Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology’s research facilities and learn about the science being conducted across the Hawaiian Archipelago. Participants will also get to do their own research as they compare day plankton with the night plankton samples they collect. In the morning, the young scientists will give back to the island by removing invasive species or cleaning plastics from the beach. For scheduling and costs, please contact us.