Information for Visiting Researchers and Students

Resources Available at HIMB Requiring Reservations and/or Fees

Beach House

The Beach House is an open-air pavilion with a kitchen, grill, and bathrooms, located next to a saltwater pond, and is an ideal setting for socializing. The beach house is generally available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To insure availability for a special function, please contact the HIMB office at 236-7401. Bring your own grill supplies. The beach house is not cleaned by our cleaning staff, so please take care to be extra tidy and take out the trash yourself.

Bench Fees

Bench Fees are charged if water tables or laboratories are utilized during your stay.

Student Rate

$10 / day
$150 / month

Researcher Rate

$20 / day
$300 / month


Coconut Island maintains a number of fleet boats available to researchers. To use the fleet boats for research, you must schedule a boat check-out with the HIMB Marine Safety Officer.


Pauley classroom with conference table Large Pauley classroom with presentation equipment

The Pauley Classrooms are available for use. Two classrooms, each with a capacity of approximately 40 (expandable to one large classroom), have common audiovisual equipment including computers, PowerPoint projectors, and overhead projectors for lectures. Classroom fees are $250/day. Reservations are required (Please contact the HIMB office at 236-7401).

Large Groups

Groups of more than 20 will be required to use the Honu Kai ferry during their initial arrival and final departure.
Advance notice is required; please call the office at 808-235-9302.


We encourage all groups staying on island to schedule a tour to learn about HIMB's history and current research projects. Please contact the Community Education Program for more information (himbcep@hawaii.ed or 808-235-9302).


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