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Native Hawaiian Information


100 Years of Hawaiian Psychiatry (PDF)

Adapting Evidence-Based Strategies to Increase Physical Activity Among African Americans, Hispanics, Hmong, and Native Hawaiians:  A Social Marketing Approach (PDF)

Annual Estimates of the Population by Sex and Age of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone or in Combination for the US (US Census) (PDF)

Cardiovascular Risk Factor Levels in Ethnic Hawaiians (PDF)

Correlates of Retention Among Asian Pacific Americans in Community Colleges:  The Case for Hawaiian Students (PDF)

Cultural Competence:  A Proposal for Physicians Reaching Out to Native Hawaiian Patients (PDF)

Cultural Trauma, Hawaiian Spirituality, and Contemporary Health Status (PDF)

Culturally Based Interventions for Substance Use and Child Abuse Among Native Hawaiians (PDF)

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Annual Reports

Disparities in Use of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services by Asian and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander Women (PDF)

FAQ about Health Problems in Asian American/Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian Women (PDF)

Hawai'i and Suicide, Self-Harm

Hawaiian Demographic Data (PDF)

Hawaiian Games (PDF)

Hawaiian to English Sayings (PDF)

Health and Healthcare of Elders from Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders Backgrounds (PDF)

Ho’okahua (To lay a foundation) E-newsletter by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs on Hawaiian governance and native issues

Hypertension In Elderly Japanese Americans And Adult Native Hawaiians (PDF)

Improving Native Hawaiian Health Through Community-Based Participatory Research (PDF)

Ka Wai Ola o OHA (The Living Water of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs) Newspaper

Kaho‘olawe and the Makahiki Ceremony:  The Healing of an Island (PDF)

Kualono (University of Hawai`i [Hilo] Hawaiian language center)

Mediators of Lifestyle Behavior Change in Native Hawaiians:  Diabetes Intervention (PDF)

Mental Health During Pregnancy:  A Study Comparing Asian, Caucasian and Native Hawaiian Women (PDF)

Native Hawaiian Cancer Fact Sheet (PDF)

Native Hawaiian Data Book

Native Hawaiian Health in Hawai"i:  Historical Highlights (PDF)

Native Hawaiian Mortality, 1980 and 1990 (PDF)

Native Hawaiian, Safe and Drug-Free.  Providing Culturally Appropriate Prevention Education (PDF)

Native Hawaiians Health Brief (PDF)

Number of Farms with Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Operators:  2002 (PDF)

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Annual Reports

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Directory (PDF)

Oregon Healthy Teens, 11th Grade Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander Reports

Papa Ola Lokahi Hawaiian Health Update  Mortality, Morbidity, Morbidity Outcomes and Behavioral Risks (PDF)

Prevalence of Glucose Intolerance Among Native Hawaiians in Two Rural Communities (PDF)

Queen Lili'uokalani Annual Report

Risk and Protective Factors Related to Native Hawaiian Adolescent Alcohol Use (PDF)

Sexual Violence against Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Women (PDF)

The Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Population:  2000 (PDF)

The Perinatal And Infant Health Status Of Native Hawaiians (PDF)

Toward Improved Health:  Disaggregating Asian American And Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Data (PDF)

Traditional Hawaiian Healing and Western Influence (PDF)

Type 2 diabetes in Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in Hawai’i (PDF)

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Diabetes and Asian and Pacific Islanders

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Mental Health Resources, Asian and Pacific Islanders

Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center

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Pacific HIV and STD Information

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