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100% Condom Use Programme

A Novel Condom Policy for Young Attenders at a Sexual Health Clinic (PDF)

A Rose by Any Other Name:  Objective Knowledge, Perceived Knowledge, and Adolescent Male Condom Use (PDF)

Access to Condoms and HIV/AIDS Information:  A Global Health and Human Rights Concern (PDF)

An Evaluation of a Thicker Versus A Standard Condom with Gay Men (PDF)

An Investigation of Condom Use by Frequency of Sex (PDF)

Can Barrier Methods Help in HIV Prevention (PDF)

Characteristics of Adolescents Sexual Partners and Their Association with Use of Condoms and Other Contraceptive Methods (PDF)

Condom Attitudes and Behaviors Among Injection Drug Users Participating in California Syringe Exchange Programs (PDF)

Condom Availability in the US Navy and Marine Corps Discussion Paper (PDF)

Condom Breakage, Slippage

Condom Effectiveness for Prevention of Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection (PDF)

Condom Fact Sheet (Kaiser Foundation) (PDF)

Condom Negotiations Exercise (PDF)

Condom Procurement Guide (PDF)

Condom Situation Assessment in 11 Asian and Western Pacific Countries (MS Word)

Condom Use Among High-Risk Adolescents:  Testing the Influence of Alcohol Use on the Relationship of Cognitive Correlates of Behavior (PDF)

Condom Use at First Intercourse with a New Partner in Female Adolescents and Young Adults:  The Role of Cognitive Planning and Motives for Having Sex (PDF)

Condom Use Measurement in 56 Studies of Sexual Risk Behavior:  Review and Recommendations (PDF)

Condoms (PDF)

Condoms and HIV Prevention (PDF)

Condoms and Their Use in Preventing HIV Infection and Other STDs (PDF)

Condoms, Pills & Other Useful Things:  A Young Persons Guide to Contraception and STIs (PDF)

Condones (PDF)

Contraception:  ­Past and Future (PDF)

Contraceptive Method and Condom Use Among Women at Risk for HIV Infection and Other STDs (PDF)

Deproteinised Latex Condoms are Well Tolerated by Latex Allergic Patients (PDF)

Determinants of Trends in Condom Use In the US, 1988-1995 (PDF)

Do Condoms Work (PDF)

Don't Overlook Condoms for HIV Prevention (PDF)

Education Counseling and Risk Reduction (ECRR) (PDF)

Explaining Inconsistencies Between Data on Condom Use and Condom Sales (PDF)

Facts About Male Condoms and the Correct Way to Use Them (PDF)

Female Condom Information

History of the Condom (PDF)

If the Condom Fits, Wear It:  A Qualitative Study of Young African-American Men (PDF)

Lack of Recent Condom Use Among Detained Adolescent Males (PDF)

Latex Condoms and STDs:  Prevention Messages (fact sheet, PDF)

Male Condom Use and Vaginal Flora (PDF)

Predictors of Condom Use Self-Efficacy in an Ethnically Diverse University Sample (PDF)

Predictors of Mother-Adolescent Discussions About Condoms (PDF)

Promoting Condoms In Clinics For Sexually Transmitted Infections:  A Practical Guide For Programme Planners And Managers, 2001 (MS Word)

Relationship Dynamics, Ethnicity and Condom Use Among Low-Income Women (PDF)

Sex Slang

Spermicide-Coated Condoms:  Too Much of a Good Thing? (PDF)

Spermicides (PDF)

STDs, Risk of HIV Infection, and Condoms:  What You Need to Know (PDF)

The Effectiveness of Condoms in Reducing Heterosexual Transmission of HIV (PDF)

The NIH Condom Report:  The Glass is 90% Full (PDF)

The Trade-Off Between Hormonal Contraceptives and Condoms Among Adolescents (PDF)

The Trade-Off Between Hormonal Contraceptives and Condoms Among Adolescents (PDF)

The Truth About Condoms--2002 Fact Sheet (PDF)

The Truth About Latex Condoms (PDF)

The Validity of Self-Reported Condom Use (PDF)

There's a condom ... just right for you (PDF)

Trust Is Principal Barrier to Condom Use (PDF)

Variables Influencing Condom Use in a Cohort of Gay and Bisexual Men (PDF)

Ways To Prevent Pregnancy--Various Languages

What Is A Pap Smear? (Spanish) (PDF)

What You Should Know About The Male Condom (PDF)

What You Should Know About The Male Condom (Spanish) (PDF)

Why Some Men Don't Use Condoms (PDF)





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